Fear Factory “Genexus” review

Fear Factory “Genexus” review

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Fear Factory - Genexus - Artwork (Копировать) Fear Factory “Genexus”
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Fear Factory was one of my famous bands back in ‘90s, but, I have had really big break in listening to them. The last album I did listen was “Concrete” (2002), then, I do not know why, but I stopped listen to them (the only stuff I listen from time to time were albums like “Soul of a New Machine” and “Demanufacture”), but now, when I got promo stuff with their upcoming album “Genexus”, I got a new interest about Fear Factory’s music, and I listen to it with pretty big interest, because I was afraid if I’ll like it or reject, you know, has been passed many years, they had several albums which I did never heard etc… but, how was I shocked a bit, when I really liked it! “Genexus” comes with ten tracks, which impressed me enough. From my point of view, the music on this album is something like mixture of old Fear Factory with their nowadays visions, i.e. I have heard some tunes which reminded me Fear Factory’s mid epoch, mixed with heavy and groovy rhythms as well. The groovy parts there sounds very good, I do not like groove things, but they sounds impressive here, maybe because Fear Factory knows how to turn any kind of music into kick ass stuff. All played perfectly, and typically for Fear Factory, with all those fast and slow rhythms, deep sound and various types of vocals, both roars and clear voices. The songs structure is enough catching, sounds massive yet deep. Guitars comes with both raging and measured tunes, supplied by, again, typical for Fear Factory industrial sounds. Thus I have got two impressions, 1st – “Genexus” is a great album which will be hailed by fans from both new and old Fear Factory’s “life”, and I’ll listen to it again and again; 2nd – I must listen to all the albums I have missed during the years! And, real hot hits on the album are the next songs: “Dielectric”, “Soul Hacker”, “Protomech”, “Battle For Utopia” among others…


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