FIREWIND/OZZY OSBOURNE Guitarist GUS G. Embraces Changes In Music Industry

FIREWIND/OZZY OSBOURNE Guitarist GUS G. Embraces Changes In Music Industry

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Speaking about the changes in the music industry and his decision to have more control of his releases by making them available through his own record label imprint, Gus said: “I’m the kind of guy who always had to… I embrace it. I don’t have a problem. I mean, of course, you can bitch about it, or you can just work around it and find your way somehow. Yeah, whatever that means. Forming my own label was one of those changes that I did. And I didn’t do it only for this album; I did for the last FIREWIND album four years ago.”

He continued: “Yeah, I mean, basically, the market is open these days. You just have to pick and choose which platform and channel you choose to release your music. You don’t have to be tied into any kind of deal you’re not comfortable with. Okay, it depends also on what type of artist you are. If you’re a young band, you definitely still need the channels of a proper record label to go through to go through the first steps. For somebody like me, who’s been doing it for almost fifteen years now, probably more, I know who my audience is and I know how to reach them.”

According to Gus, he hasn’t completely freed himself of outside record-label influence. He said: “I’m still with Century Media for this record [Gus‘s latest solo album, ‘Brand New Revolution’], so I kind of work with them and also on my own in America. In America, what I did, I picked my own team, basically — my radio team or the publicist or the distribution and all that stuff — but I also work through the same team that I’ve had for more than fifteen years with Century Media as well. When it came to that, nobody ever kind of pushed me to do something different than I didn’t wanna do.”


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