review: DARKEND “The Canticle Of Shadows”

review: DARKEND “The Canticle Of Shadows”

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Darkend-CoverDARKEND “The Canticle Of Shadows”
Non Serviam Records

Why do the people love simplicity? Why do they use it sometimes to strengthening the word “elegance”? Combination of words “simple and elegant” automatically cause adherence to what it belongs; separating it from unnecessary frills, fuss, hidden posturing, the dominance of twisted parts, from which the eyes start to diverge and hurt. In this case “simple” is for sincerity, honesty and dignity.

That’s the way an adjective “simple” can be used for describing a new album The Canticle Of Shadows from Italians DARKEND. They bring their dark ideas to the listener simply, without unnecessary footwork.

The main task for the symphonic in black-metal is making and strengthening the feeling of mightiness, inevitability and power, and of course making perception of aggression and hate (which are inherent and must be in the genre) more easier. For DARKEND symphonic is one more way to demonstrate their mastery – technically and also in elusively felt atmosphere, cause the music is for causing emotions. The greater, the better.

Except the band themselves, there are some famous participants: Attila Csihar from MAYHEM, Niklas Kvarforth from Shining, Sakis Tolis from Rotting Christ and Labes C. Necrothytus (Abysmal Grief). With this it shouldn’t be expected something average.

The Canticle Of Shadows including seven songs and one bonus-track. And this is exactly that one Italian black-metal, which cannot be disliked: old ritual motifs creates a special mood, choirs’ bel canto shades extreme vocals; juicy heavy riffs are tearing to pieces and keyboards with violins sometimes very deep, sometimes exciting but always touching. This album is heavy, melodic, beautiful and atmospheric; it’s pleasure to hear it. Of course, this pattern fits any good album, but DARKEND’s fourth album is different from the others because it’s spectacular. There are many interesting and original musical lines (especially “A Precipice Towards Abyssal Caves” and “Congressus Cum Daemone”), it can be heard as English, as also Italian. Every song is full of mightiness, but there is no unnecessary in it.

Besides, the first official video for “Of The Defunct” song was released at April, 1 (with a special guest Attila Csihar from Mayhem). And this is a little masterpiece. There are no expensive visual effects of computer graphics. This eight minutes video shoot as first b/w movies: deliberately bad quality with frame trembling. A simple composition with simple plot, minimum of props and black metal with understandable lyrics. But there is a great power in its simplicity. Neurotic knife manipulations, black entrails with white burlap; robed procession, convulsions and death. Of course some “experts” will say something about affectation, cheap effects, etc. Nevertheless it’s creepy. There is some powerful atmosphere in this video, that dazzling and do not letting you go.

The album is very organic. The songs are like chapters of interesting novel: smoothly passing each other and this only continues the story, reinforcing the impression of each other.

01. Clavicula Salomonis
02. Of The Defunct
03. A Precipice Towards Abyssal Caves
04. Il Velo Delle Ombre (за участі Labes C.N.)
05. A Passage Towards Abysmal Caverns (з Niklas Kvarforth)
06. Sealed In Black Moon And Saturn (знову таки із Attila Csihar)
07. Congressus Cum Daemone, де можна чути Sakis Tolis.
08. Inno Alla Stagione Dell’Inverno (Bonus Track)

This album is great, and it will be surprisingly if it was something else.

The Canticle Of Shadows released in April, 25 by Non-Serviam Records.



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