Gig report: Watain, Bolzer & Concrete Winds- Bucharest, Romania 10.05.2023

Gig report: Watain, Bolzer & Concrete Winds- Bucharest, Romania 10.05.2023

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A Wednesday day. on my way to Quantic club to see Watain (for the second time), Bolzer, and Concrete Winds. The three bands embarked on the Agony & Ecstasy over Europe tour, with two dates in Romania as well, Cluj Napoca, and Bucharest.

And I arrived just in time, right when the Finns from Concrete Winds just started. As the opening act, CW really nailed it, I mean their set was amazing, full force, a set full of energy, with heavy riffs and blastings.  Really, I liked Concrete Winds’ set, like I just said, with those heavy riffs, the catchy thrash/death vibe, and energy, a great band to see live.

The second band to hit the stage were the Swiss from Bolzer, which their entire set was ”foggy” so to say. Just a duo band, is that enough for a great set? Looks like. Seeing them for the first time, was quite interesting, you’d expect them, as a duo, to have live members to fill in, but that is not their case, therefore, they also nailed it. Bolzer’s set was through, without much contact with the public, just play, and that’s it.

Now, last and not least, Watain. The first time I saw them was in 2014, I think? Anyway, the stage ”adorned” for a ritual like, with skulls, bones, candles, and a goblet full of blood, ready for ”the ritual”. And man, Eirk’s (Danielsson) energy on stage, stateless, energic, living every moment of Watain, delivering it to the public too.

The setlist was good too, and as the songs went on, I was wondering, will they play my favorite song, ”Malfeitor”? And they did. That song is the best, in my opinion, no wonder the public went crazy when that song was played! That’s a remarkable song, the same as other songs played, ”Devil’s Blood”, ”Legions Of The Black Light”, ”The Howling”, ”Sworn To The Dark”, ”Waters On Ain”, to mention a few.

There’re two things that I expected from this concert: first, to be thrown blood in the audience by Watain (which could have happened, hehe), and second, more people to the concert, I honestly expected it to be an almost full venue. Let me add too, a longer set from Watain, seemed short, and the public maybe expected them to play longer…

Overall, the evening was nice, all three bands were a good fit for the tour, from Concrete Winds, with their heavy/thrash/death set and energy, then Bolzer with a straightforward set, just being on stage and play, and the last, Watain, which were great too, without a doubt, it was a (black metal) celebration!

Hope to see one of these bands again soon, Till next time!


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