Godless Angel “Harvester of Shadows” review

Godless Angel “Harvester of Shadows” review

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Godless Angel “Harvester of Shadows

Inverse Records

One-man band comes from USA. I do not know if the guy behind Godless Angel known by playing in some others bands, but he know how to play kick ass music. Death/thrash metal with old-school feelings, but with ONE very negative thing! What I notices as negative is TOO plastic drum-machine… The music is good, but those plastic drums make it sounds like some demo… But in spite of this the whole “Harvester of Shadows” sounds impressive thx its honest love towards old-school metal. Vortex like rhythm-section with angry roars and sick guitar solos, also filled with such marching and pressing at the same time guitars… Do you know what the band came to my mind while listening to Godless Angel? It was American Master (P. Speckmann), thx to similar way of vocals and often musical approach. But there also such like Cannibal Corpse and some thrash metal parts in the way of Slayer. All in all this is pretty good debut, but drums… Derek Neibarger (band chief) should to find some real drummer, then his music will be really highly appreciated, ‘coz it’ll have pure sound! Right now – please feel free to check this good death metal debut album and get your own opinions!


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