HUMANGLED “Prodromes Of A Flatline” review

HUMANGLED “Prodromes Of A Flatline” review

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Humangled-PoaF-front [800]HUMANGLED “Prodromes Of A Flatline”
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I had pretty interesting feelings while listening to “Prodromes Of A Flatine” album… First fo all, after very first listening I have got various thoughts, it was like “shit, what’s wrong, from one side I see average album, but from the other side these is something that caught my memory”… Really, Humangled plays death metal, the whole music and sounds do not brought anything new and extraordinal, even sounds, so ta say – a bit raw here and there. But what I like most of all – those influences from Death and Carcass! Rhythm section and the whole songs structure sounds enough technical and catching. Humangled took catching freezing songs structure from mighty Death, and pathologically rotten extremism from Carcass (even by atmosphere), yeah, you got it correct, “Prodromes Of A Flatline” sounds like good mixture of aforementioned bands. For sure, Humangled have its own ideas, and of course you’ll be able to hear them while listening! All in all this album played really technical and sounds really catching, in spite of raw sound (my Personal point of view – they could add more “low tunes” into the sound, mostly for rhythm-guitar). Originally the band is from Italy, but if I didn’t knew this, I would think they are from the US, hehe. Musicisn did good job, and this is good continuation of previous album which was released 5 years ago. I’m dare to recommend this stuff to all sickos into death metal sickness! Also do not miss the last track! – Pretty fresh cover version of “To Mega Therion” (Therion)!

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