IN MOURNING Commands the Melodeath Elements With “Fire and Ocean”

IN MOURNING Commands the Melodeath Elements With “Fire and Ocean”

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They started as more of a gothic metal band but with time, progressively shifted to the melodeath side of the spectrum, with a healthy dose of doom mixed in. 2012’s The Weight of Oceans was well-received by fans and critics alike, and the band will be releasing their fourth full-length album next month. The opus is entitled Afterglow, and we’re pleased to premiere the opening cut from the album, “Fire and Ocean.”

If the opening notes of “Fire and Ocean” give you a Katatonia-vibe, that’s no coincidence; Afterglow marks the debut of new drummer Daniel Liljekvist, who is best known for his work in Katatonia. His driving rhythms are front and center on “Fire and Ocean” and complement the meaty riffs perfectly, proving that he’s a great fit for In Mourning. “Fire and Ocean” serves as a truly crushing way to open the album, blending ferocious vocals, epic riffs and that top-notch sense of melody and atmosphere In Mourning are known for. This track embodies everything that makes Swedish metal and In Mourning in particular so great, and is but a taste of what to expect from Afterglow.

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