AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR “Crushed By Tyranny” review (by Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR “Crushed By Tyranny” review (by Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

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AgresiveMutilator_Front_100AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR “Crushed by tyranny”
Iron County Records

We’ll start this journey in my “new country”. We all know that there were always tons of good and very good bands in Sweden. The same is with AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR. Band were found maybe not so long time ago coz in 2012 by Micael Zetterberg (drums) and Mikael Holm (guitar, vocal). But it doesn’t mean that there play unexperienced musicians. It’s contrary! Especially drummer who played in many bands whose names and music is a little more or a little less known for underground maniacs. Anyway, AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR comes from city of Norrköping located in central part of Sweden.

Well, now about the most important thing here – MUSIC. When I saw first time logo of the band, artwork and the fact that “Crushed by tyranny” is released as a tape than I thought: “This band plays in a very old school style. I’ll also hear something what’s strongly connected with Black Metal to do”. And I tell you that it seems that my intuition works really good. Or maybe this is question of all these years of listening too METAL?!? Never mind!!! The most important is that “Crushed by tyranny” took me back in deep 90’s or even 80’s. Guys play something what we can call Black/Thrash Metal. There are more elements of Black, but Thrash is also alive here and hearable well. Music isn’t complicated, we can even say that it’s in some way primitive and songs are quite similar (what means more that they’re in the same style). I noticed after first few bars that musicians are strongly fascinated by times when METAL was still a kid. There’s no some huge number of riffs and these which we hear here are rather easy to play. Drums go on the typical way for Punk Rock – especially in these faster parts. I can’t see in that anything strange of course. This is just like METAL was playing in times which I mentioned above. It just was the way like the most of drummers (especially in Thrash and Black Metal) played than. Mikael’s vocal also is typical for Black Metal from these times what doesn’t mean that that’s pig’s squeal which dominates in nowadays acts. What takes sound it’s absolutely not clear or “rich”! We can even say that it’s just like music a little primitive and poor. For some people it can be of course minus and in the most of cases it’d be. But in this case it isn’t! I tell even more: in this case this poor, dirty and evil sound makes music complete and much more interested!

In my opinion that’s exactly how such music should sound. I’m sure that if it’d be recorded in some super-, hypermodern and professional studio music wouldn’t be what it is. Anyway, it’d go together like flower and sheepskin coat as we use to say in Poland. As I said before also artwork made by Hungarian Anvil Kvit has this old school and “primitive” character. It seems that artist exactly knew how it should look like, felt the music very well.

Originally demo which is just reviewed was released in 2012 and was the second one of this very productive band (in 4 years of their existence they released 0 demos, 2 EPs and an albums). However, as it happens always (at least as I know) with e-released stuffs we have here on the tape not only “Crushed by tyranny”, but also A.M.’s first demo Skull torture” + first EP “Gutpulling – Satan’s hammer” as bonuses on side “B” of the tape. In all we have 12 songs of very old school Black/Thrash Metal which I recommend first of all to people who are old school, (what not always has with age to do)!!!

By the way, tape is limited to only 111 hand numbered copies. So everyone who would like to have this in my opinion masterpiece should really hurry up!!!


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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