INGER LORRE (The Nymphs) To Release ‘Live at the Viper Room’ Album in August

INGER LORRE (The Nymphs) To Release ‘Live at the Viper Room’ Album in August

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Infamous Nymphs front woman Inger Lorre celebrates how vital her songs still sound today, with a live recording album ‘Live at the Viper Room‘ of a sold-out at the legendary Viper Room, due out on August 4th2017 via Sweet Nothing / Cargo Records as CD and 2 LP set (coloured vinyl). The set includes classic Nymphs tracks, ‘Sad & Damned’, ode to a serial killer ‘The Highway’ and the mourning swirl of ‘Imitating Angels’, with the addition of a cover of a Siouxsie’s ‘Monitor’. This ‘official bootleg’ is as raw and primal; tribal, glamorous, witch-y, grunge-y, punk. Inger states, “These songs are the sound of me walking through fire…

Track listing:

1. Rumble
2. Alright
3. Death Of A Scenester
4. Sad & Damned
5. 7B
6. Snowflake
7. Hate In My Heart
8. Wasting My Days
9. 2 Cats
10. The River
11. Imitating Angels
12. The Highway
13. Monitor

“Inger retains her strength as a songwriter and performer without losing any of her sensitivity, fragility and danger. I always look forward to what she does, it never disappoints” – Henry Rollins

“The Nymphs were a very original underground band with a unique sound and GREAT songs” – Iggy Pop

“Inger Lorre is a magician, a shaman…that kind of witch-doctor ability for live performing” – Eric Avery, Jane’s Addiction

The Players:
Inger Lorre – Vocals (The Nymphs)
Eric James Contreras – Drums (The Bloodhounds, The Nymphs, Plant Tribe)
Gabe Hammond – Bass (The Fuzztones)
Sean Romin – Guitar (The Generators, Schleprock)
Mario Tremaine – Guitar (The Nymphs)

Lorre’s cult following has grown in strength of late, with the seminal self-titled debut album re-issued by Rock Candy Records and 2 new songs released for Record Store Day. Encouraged by the interest she is recording a new album, tentatively planned for an autumn release.

Often seen as musician’s musician (once dubbed by Jeff Buckley as ‘The Patron Saint of Fucked-Over Musicians’) and having worked with the likes of Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins, sadly Inger’s notoriety often eclipsed her darkly beautiful music.

Haunted by the infamy of a band that burned brightly all too briefly, before imploding in a devastation of bereavement, addiction, and mental health issues and misguided record company dealings. No one will ever forget the desk pissing incident. Inger Lorre is a music industry legend.

These days Inger Lorre has mostly conquered her own demons – exorcised through art, music and time to heal. What comes next will no doubt be unique as the women herself.

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