Interview Antigama (By Carla Morton)

Interview Antigama (By Carla Morton)

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An interview with Sebastian Rokicki, the guitarist of the Polish Grindcore metal band, Antigama.


Greetings Sebastian, how things are going? Introduce Antigama and make a short about when the band was born.
Hi, I’m fine, thank you. We’re a grindcore/experimental band from Warsaw, Poland. We’ve begun in 2000 and recorded 7 studio albums and lot of other recordings since then. In these 15 years we’ve played many gigs/tours/festivals and we keep on grinding.

So last year the 7th release was out, ”The Insolent”, not a bad album, how the recordings were going and what feedback have you received for this album?
The process of making new Antigama records is always the same. When we feel the right time then new songs are created and then we record them. We usually work quickly in the studio. As for “The Insolent”, the feedback is great and we’re happy many people seem to like it.

What is this album about?
‘The Insolent’ is a sum of our thoughts on contemporary life. It’s about choices and consequences you make in the world you live in.


Also, what the album cover represents and whose artwork is?
The interpretation of the cover art is multi-dimensional so it’s all up to you what you see in there. ‘The Insolent’ artwork has been created by Polish artist Bartek Rogalewicz/

You have about 12 split albums as it seems.
Perhaps, I haven’t counted them but we have a lot more to come in 2016!

In 2012 the band was joined by Pavulon (also drummer of Hate, War Saw, ex- Vader, ex-Decapitated and others) and was released an EP, ”Stop The Chaos”; in 2013 the EP was released as a remix album then a full-lenght was out under the name of ”Meteor”.
Yes, that’s right. When Pavulon had joined us the things started to work smoothly. Pawel is a great drummer and a good friend of ours. He’s very busy with his other bands/projects, but he’s always very much into Antigama and we love to play gigs and making music together.

Did you guys start to write new stuffs for a future release?
Some of the new stuff is already recorded for the future split releases. We have plans for making more music in 2016 for other upcoming split releases.

Which was the first tour of Antigama and as we speak about tour, will you tour this year?
It was probably the tour with Damnable across Poland in 2001. Good and funny times… Yes, we’ll be touring this year and making some festival appearances as well. More news about it soon.

How do you see your fans, both from the stage and from their feedback you get on the social media sites?
I’m very glad that people like our music. If Antigama is making someone’s life happier then nothing is better than that. Good feedback from the fans/audiences is always the positive energy that stimulates us to work hard.

Do you have a message for the Antigama fans?
Thank you for your support. We’ll have a lot of suprises in 2016. Stay tuned.

Thank you for this interview Sebastian, hope to see you soon. All the best!


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