TERROR “Legion of Gore” review

TERROR “Legion of Gore” review

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TERROR “Legion of Gore”
Hells Headbangers records

What a fucking awesome news! American (from Cleveland) band Terror has returned onto the stage, after 20 years of total silence! You know, the last DEMO (Burn Bethlehem) was recorded back in 1992, then were some compilations, other demos re-edition etc, but NO any new stuff, so now, they have returned with two new songs, released January 1st on 7″EP format!

Just two tracks, but, for me it was enough to get an idea of musicians. They have just showed us that Terror is still alive and ready to kick ass! Yeah, two tracks of fucking old-school death/thrash metal, but with very good sound. Just a shredding guitars, with obscure vocals and pressing tempo-changes. The music is based on all possible tempos, from slow through mid up to high speeds, but by such marching way, you know, plus typical old-fashioned, purely dark guitar solos. Gore, massive, filled with good and catching tempo-changes, and sounds like a huge vomit from hell!

So, what we must to do now? Just be quiet and wait for crushing full-length album from Terror! Thus be aware if you like hellish mixture between some Repulsion, Death, early Morbid Angel and Autopsy!


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