Interview Blood Moon Hysteria

Interview Blood Moon Hysteria

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Blood Moon Hysteria interview, a nice metal band from Norway. I had the interview with Runar Beyond, mastermind of the band.


Thank you Runar for this interview. Tell a little history about Blood Moon Hysteria as readers to know about the band.
Blood Moon Hysteria was founded in 2015, as I wanted to make some metal music, to create great atmosphere and melancholy. Still heavy and powerful… Something dark, cold and hypnotic.


Signed a deal with WormHoleDeath records to release the debut EP, ”Crimson Sky”. I’ve listened to it and all I want to say that is great, but I let you talk about this EP…
Thx! Yeah, the recordings for ”Crimson Sky” EP started sometime in the summer or fall last year and was finished in November I think. I had to record it in different sessions because of limited studio
time  and complications being a one man project. But the sound is good and I’m proud of this first born bastard child. I’ve known the producer, Leo Moracchioli for over 3 years, We work very well together. He is also a guest musician on the EP. Together with Fredrik S. on piano, there is a lot of eerie mellotron, deep bass and guitar riffs with both melody and disharmony.

What about the lyrical themes?
The lyrics are covering apocalyptic themes… (wars, religion, destruction of man) and psychedelic experiences…

What feedback have you got until now?
Feedback so far has been great. Mostly from european underground press and metalheads from around the world. Awesome reviews coming in. The release is still fresh and the band is young.
I know this band will grow a lot in the future.

Tell me about your influences. Can you mention at least 5 favorite metal bands?
My influences are many. From black metal to 70’s prog and hardrock. Bands I have as favorites : Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, early Kiss, early Metallica and Slayer.

Have you thought about a second Blood Moon Hysteria release?
Yes indeed, I’m working on it right now. I have written half of the songs for a full lenght album.
It’s more guitar driven with a cool mix of clean and grim vocals. One song is on youtube and is titled ‘Burning My Eyes’ , check it out!

Are you planing gigs also?
I’m looking for members to bring this to a stage. Permanent members or just people who want to be part of something wicked. I have visions…

What is the most important thing to you for Blood Moon Hysteria?
To create something that will last forever, even after I am gone!

When you aren’t writing music, what else do you do in the free time?
Smoking pot, drinking beers, watching UFC fights, Playstation and random pussy.

Ending this interview, do you have a message for the metalheads?
Join your local rock n’ roll cult !! Buy music, support your bands, come to the live shows!

Cheers Runar. Thank you again for your time! It was my pleasure!
Likewise! Cheers and beers!

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