Interview Crest Of Darkness (By Carla Morton)

Interview Crest Of Darkness (By Carla Morton)

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Founded around 1994, the Norwegian Black metal band, Crest of Darkness have released an EP this year entitled ‘’Evil Messiah’’.  About the band and its releases, here is an interview with Ingar Amlien who spoke about the new EP and other stuffs about Crest Of Darkness.
10616175_10152695046267071_2541794740704459962_n Greetings Ingar, how things are going?
Things are going very well! We have many new songs ready for our new album, and we're already thinking about going in the studio again. It always feels good when I'm in a creative period and the songs just come alive from "nowhere"…. I don't know how to explain, but sometimes I have such a lot of ideas!

First, when was Crest Of Darkness founded?
I started to work with a project about ’94-’95. Later on I named this project Crest of Darkness, the first EP was released in 1996 and that was the start of the band.

You have released until now six albums, and two EP's, the recent release is ''Evil Messiah''. Tell me about it.
With "Evil Messiah" I'm actually going a little bit "back to the roots" with Crest of Darkness. As in the beginning of the band we are using more keyboards to create a dark, mystical atmosphere in the music.  The basic of our songs has always been based on the guitars, and that's the same with our new songs, but by using the keyboards I try to create a bigger, sometimes more symphonic sound. Whatever, the a brutality, the evilness will always be the most important part of the music I'm making for Crest of Darkness! It must also be said that I like to have a lot of changes in my songs.  We're not playing typical black metal music! If it feels right for me I put in (my excellent guitar player Rebo takes care of this!) melodic guitar solo in i middle of a song. I'll never be able to follow any kind of "rules" when it comes to make music. You can never really be sure about what to expect from Crest of Darkness!

Also, tell me a few words about the other band's releases.
The first releases had some similarities with our latest release, the EP. Well, all our releases have a lot in common, but sometimes it feels like I've been on a journey and now I'm back. I don't care about the technical stuff any more, I don't care about impressing people with playing songs in a high tempo. I just want make good, hopefully interesting music! It must be said though,  that I'm proud of all my releases! I've always done what I think is right, I've always done my best! It's very personal, Crest of Darkness means a lot to me!
10479707_10152711284567071_3962583092750775678_n Soon you are going to tour with the Swedish Black metal band Marduk. Any other shows confirmed beside this tour?
We're working with some dates in Norway. Many Norwegians haven't seen us live for many years now, that's a shame! Beside of that we're allready working with plans for a new your. We wanna play much more live in the future! We have to do that if we wanna stay in this game, and we do also love to be on the stage! Our music is live music most of all!

What are Crest of Darkness's influences?
I've listened to all kinds of music since I was a little boy, and I guess Crest of Darkness is a result of this. I'm using all my musical experience to reach my goals. Classical music, hard rock, heavy metal, psychedelia, prog rock, melancholic pop, all kinds of extreme metal. It all means a lot to me! If I shall mention one artist in particular it must be Alice Cooper. He's been my big hero since I was a little boy!

Any lyrical themes?
Modern Satanism is the first "key word" I wanna come up with. Through the years I've found my own way on the left hand path, but I cannot hide that the writings of Anton LaVey started it all. When I read the Satanic Bible in my younger days I knew that I had "come home". Today it might sounds like a cliche, but when I was a young man the Satanic Philosophy according to the writings of LaVey came into my life as something fresh and new, something I could relate to. For me this philosophy is representing what I believe is the inner will of all human beings, but it's only a few who wanna be associated with LaVey and Church of Satan. When all comes to all that's understandable. Church of Satan is in many ways using the Christianity to explain where the modern Satanist is standing in our time. Our part of the world is still very much infected by the Christianity and many christians is still afraid of the Devil! For me the Devil, for my Satan is nothing else than a cymbol for myself and my own will! I don't believe in any kind of gods or entities who have any kind of power over me! I am an atheist, I don't believe in God! With the music and lyrics of Crest of Darkness I try to inspire people to believe in themselves! What LaVey did with Church of Satan was to make an alternative "religion" to people like myself. It's perhaps difficult to understand, but I'm a deeply religious person worshipping the world of darkness!!

Do you have a message for the fans?
Message for the fans?!  I always feel it's difficult to answer this kind of questions. I don't wanna come up with empty words, clichés. Whatever, I know I have some very dedicated fans, and you mean very, very much to me! You're the reason why I find inspiration to continue making music and tour year after year! Hopefully I meet some of you during the tour with Crest of Darkness, and if we meet I hope you'll enjoy our "black mass" and hopefully feel stronger than ever afterwards! Hail Satan!

Thank you Ingar, hails and all the best!
Thank you too. Hails!

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