Interview Destructor (By Carla Morton)

Interview Destructor (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Dave Overkill, the vocalist and guitar player of the American Thrash metal band, Destructor.


Salutations Dave and thank you for the interview, how things are going? As the readers to know, introduce Destructor.
Things are going very well thank you. Destructor signed a 3 record deal last year with Pure Steel records and the first release “Back in Bondage” comes out on February 26th this year.

”Back In Bondage” is the new release, actually the 4th one. Where the recordings took place and what can you tell me also about the cover artwork?
This record is actually music from 1986-87 that was re-recorded in 2001 but was never released. We recorded with a great friend of mine Tomasz Scull who owns Super Natural recording studio. The idea behind the cover art is a play on the last song from Maximum Destruction titled ’’Bondage’’.


Who wrote this album? And what is this album about, in general let’s say what is the theme of Destrcutor?
This group of songs were written by Pat Rabid, Matt Schindelar, Dave Iannicca, Eric Reineke and myself. They are the songs that were to be our second record. As many fans know the record never came out due to the death of our beloved bass player Dave Iannicca. They are a little diverse from some of the other songs that came before and after. We wanted to show a progression from Maximum Destruction. Destructors theme? I don’t know that we have a real theme outside of just being a Heavy and sometimes fast metal band.

Have you got any shows confirmed?
We have another record we are finishing up Titled Decibel Casualties right now and we do have 2 U.S. metal festivals we are playing. One in the spring ( April 21-22-23 ) named NYDM 2016 Milwaukee spring bash and one in the summer  ( July 15,16,17th ) named Metal Threat Fest 2016. Our main goal is to finish this other record and then see what offers roll in as far as shows go.

There is a split album with Nunslaughter, Death metal band from USA. Whose idea was for this split?
The idea was from Jim Konya, R.I.P.

The band had some line-up changes, you and the drummer Matt are the original members left.
Yes there have been some changes over the past 30+ years. Recently Pat Rabid decided to retire from music and Jamie our bass player left to pursue his own band Midnight. Since we have 2 new members: Nick Annihilator on guitar and Tim Hammer on bass. The line has really solidified and we have written many songs together.

What else can you mention about the band?
This band has had many highs and equally as many lows but I refuse to give in and we continue to persevere. Having so much time pass and hurdles to get over our fans have been wondering what is taking so long to make another record. Well the truth is that is has been very hard and raising the money to make records and having members leave caused much speculation. Now the band is stronger than ever and we have a great record company to partner with. It’s like a new beginning.

What is your message for Destructor fans?
I have to say thank you for all of the faithful fans and friends of this band and the support is the only reason we continue. We have so much left to offer and we look forward to playing live where ever we can and enjoy the brotherhood and sister hood of the heavy metal community world wide. Thank you all.

Cheers Dave, thx again! Rock on!
Thank you!!


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