Interview Norhod (By Carla Morton)

Interview Norhod (By Carla Morton)

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An interview with Clara Ceccarelli, female vocalist of the Symphonic metal band Norhod.


Greetings Clara, thank you for your time. Please introduce Norhod and tell when the band was founded.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity! Norhod is a Symphonic Metal band from Toscana-Italy, the band was founded in 2009 but I joined them almost three years later. We released three albums, “Arianrhod”, our first EP in 2012, “The Blazing Lily” our first full-lenght in 2013 and the last one “Voices From The Ocean”.

You have released an amazing album this year, ”Voices From The Ocean”, I have also reviewed it and you got 10/10 from me. Where have you recorded the album and also how the recordings went?
We recorded the album at Mathlab Studio in Italy. It was hard but working with serious and competent staff is really satisfying.

The new release was mastered by Chris Donaldson of Cryptopsy, right?
Yes, we chose The Grid Studio for mixing and mastering which did a great job as usual.


Does ”Voices from the Ocean” has a story behind?
Well, “Voices From the Ocean” is not an actual concept album but there is certainly a main theme that crosses the whole album: the Ocean as a metaphor of life where there aren’t prefixed paths or routes but everyone can choose his own. We’re all in the middle of the Ocean and we just have to stay afloat between a storm and another.

For the song ”Bleeding Path” you have a video. Are you thinking to make a new video for another song?
Not in short time, maybe next year.

In 2013 you have released the debut album under the name of ”The Blazing Lily”. Is there a difference between this release and the new one?
Yes, I think we have improved our musical composition. Voices From The Ocean is shorter but in my opinion it has a greater impact. But I’m still in love with “The Blazing Lily” cause it was our first experience in a real recording studio so it has a special importance for me.

What are you guys inspired by?
Is a difficult question because we are 7 musicians, and all of us listen to different music genres, of course we are inspired by some of the greatest symphonic metal bands such as Epica and Nightwish.

For this year, are you going on tour to promote the new album?
Yes, we also would like to do a short tour if we’ll ¬†have the opportunity.

Is there anything else you want to add about Norhod?
I think you did some pretty good questions so I have nothing to add.

Do you have a message for the ones who support and enjoy the music of Norhod?
We just want to thank our followers and our friends for the constant support they give us. We’re really happy with this album and we’re constantly receiving enthusistic words about it so we couldn’t be more satisfied than this. We hope that with this album we’ll get the opportunity to tour a lot and meet a lot you.

Again thank you Clara for this interview. Hope to see you soon!
It was a pleasure for me, thank you Carla hope to see you soon too!



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