Interview: HATE

Interview: HATE

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After the Bucharest’s Hate gig, I had the pleasure to have an interview with Adam Buszko, the leader of the band, who he have talked about the Hate’s new release Tremendum and what is this about, touring and getting back in South America and the US, he also talked about their video for ‘’Numinosum’’ and plans of shooting a new video. Adam also mentioned about a possible DVD release, more, he mentioned about Mortifer and Hate’s previous album Crusade:Zero being dedicated to him, what is his opinion about extreme metal and many more.


Greetings Adam, nice talking to you again, great show btw as usual, how are you?
I’m pretty good, thank you! Nice to meet you!

Again. The same venue after some time. Last time we were here with Decapitated and tonight with Nargaroth, It’s a great pleasure to be back in Bucharest.

You are now touring with Nargaroth and Absu, how is it to be touring with these two bands?
It’s all fine. So far the tour has been just great, tonight it was the third show. It looks like lots of  people are coming to the see this package. I hope it will be like that until the end of this tour.

And how was the last night show in Cluj?
It was fiery. I liked it! Fantastic crowd. I could recognize some people who had come to our shows before. It was great.

I think this usually happens in other countries as well, to see same faces to your shows and this is great…
It is. I can also see people dig what we do on the new album.

Tremendum is your new album, first of all I want to say that this is a great album, nice that you have started the show with ‘’Asuric Being’’, one of my favorite songs of the album, is it a concept album?
It isn’t a concept album in strict sense. Most of the album is devoted to paganism, pre-Christian times and, in a way, getting back to the roots. I felt it was important because Slavic, pre-Christian domain is like a lost world, almost completely unknown to people today. Its values and  philosophies have been destroyed and buried by Christian civilisation that came along. Quite a lot of it have been discovered and put together in the last two decades and I think it’s definitely something worth refering to. It’s a great legacy. When it comes to music, we never record the same album. We refine what we do over time. You need to change the way in which you deliver your message in order to express best what you’re aiming at. The new album is a further step into the realms of sonic darkness and, I believe, a better defined record than Crusade: Zero.

And then Pavulon is a blaster! Again he did an amazing job on this album!
Oh yeah, that’s true. This time the collaboration between me and Pavulon was like on another level comparing to Crusade Zero, we know each other better, we played lots of rehearsals before going to the studio. It was actually quite an effort to compose the album and it took us more than a year. Initially there were 13 songs, then we selected 10 before  entering the studio.

The first song of Tremendum that was actually online was ‘’Asuric Being’’ , how was the response from the fans and media and then to the album?
I think that a lot of people, kind of rediscovered Hate with the album. Everybody noticed that we have refined the sound and formula. We also became more active when it comes to concerts. There will be more tours and festivals coming up in the next months. After this tour we go to Greece and then we have some festivals in different European countries. We are also working on a return to America, it is one of our priorities to be back in America and this will happen this year most probably.

I know last year you’ve been to South America, are you also planning to go there again?
Absolutely. I am sure we will play in South America too. We have a bunch of followers there waiting, so we are not gonna disappoint them.

Maybe also Asia!?
It is also in our plans. We will see. There are some offers coming these days, so we are considering it too.

You shoot a video for ‘’Numinosum’’ somewhere in the woods, how the making of it went?
We were fortunate to find a proper agency, a production house 9Liter, that were ready to  realize the script without any compromise. We wanted to film it at night in the forest with fires etc. so it was a quite ambitious project. You need permissions and lots of preparations to go in the forest with  fire etc. We made this video the way we wanted like 100% percent. Also the track ‘’Numinosum’’ was our first choice for a video. Since we wrote it, we thought it would be the best song to visualize. Every single element in this video has its meaning and relation to the lyrics that’s about an archaic ritual (Ściecie Kani) practised widely by the Slavs in the ancient times.

Are you thinking to shoot a new video for another song?
Well yeah, maybe. But now we’re focused on finishing a lyric video for ‘’Sea of Rubble’’ and recording playthrough video materials for a few songs. One is already online. It is a drum playthrough for ‘’Indestructibe Pillar’’. There will be more in the upcoming days.

Last time I’ve talked to you, you have mentioned about a possible DVD, is this still in plan?
It is still in the plans, but we need some time to play the new material on stage to make it sound really solid. Then we will choose a selection of songs from different albums also from the new one.

And where would you like to shoot the live DVD, in what country?
I don’t know yet. We can record it anywhere. I think it’s too early now, maybe in a few months.

How is it with the new lineup? Is it difficult for you to play with the new lineup?
It is the lineup that actually recorded the new album. We have a new session bassplayer, Aperion, that was in the studio with us recording Tremendum , the same about the guitarist Domin. Me and Pavulon – we are the core of the band  and we wrote the songs, The guys are collaborating with us closely in the studio as well as on stage and it all works very good.

Have you ever thought of releasing an  EP or a song dedicated to Mortifer?
Our previous record Crusade Zero was dedicated to him entirely, but I honour him as often as I can on different occasions and if we record some  live songs from Mortifer’s era, I would certainly dedicate them to him. His persona cannot be forgotten, you know what I mean, is like he’s always with us.

I’ve noticed the Omega symbol on your covers of other pictures of yours, what does omega represents to you?
Omega stands for the energy of the world. It is a voluminous symbol. It occurs in different  fields of science, but also in various occult systems. It is actually a very important occult symbol. It is connected with entropy, with the tendency to disintegrate – something that is inscribed in the architecture of this world. It means the end, disintegration, destruction or  self-destruction. You can see it in human kind, its self-destruction tendency. You can  observe this on individual level, but it relates to whole civilizations too. Historically they always collapsed after getting some peak in development. On the cosmic level  – galaxies are running away from one another and the end of this process will be nothing but cold void. The trident that you see above the Omega sign is a gnostic symbol that dates back to archaic times. It symbolized deities in different pagan cultures. In Hindu tradition it was connected with Shiva, the husband of Kali. A spear with the trident is still used in India as an anti-Christian symbol.

How do you describe extreme metal nowadays comparing to the past?
Extreme metal has a lot of faces and I don’t like labeling bands using “genres”, that’s why I sometimes use “extreme metal” in reference to Hate because we combine different elements in our music. Comparing to what was in the past, today’s extreme music is much more diverse. You can hear many more fusions of different genres than before. It’s much more interesting.

What do you think about metalheads behind the keyboard and the way they sometimes attack each other or the bands?
I don’t really care about it. Everybody forms opinions that she or he can afford. Some people are downright stupid, but I couldn’t care less.

What bands would you like to tour with soon?
Well maybe some classic death metal bands because we haven’t toured that much with death metal bands for the last 8 or 9 years. So a tour with Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse… or Hypocrisy would be amazing.

Well it was again nice talking with you , great show again and hope to see you soon, Thank you again for this interview, it was my pleasure!
Thank you very much, it was a pleasure. I’m sending greetings and a lots of respect to the people in Romania. We are again very glad to be here and I am sure we will be back  soon because the audience was just great!

Cheers from Antichrist metalzine!



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