Interview: Elegy Of Madness

Interview: Elegy Of Madness

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The Italian symphonic metallers from Elegy of Madness released their new album entitled as New Era. Below is an interview I had with Anja, the vocalist of the band, who she talked about the new album,  their new video ‘’Apokalypsis’’, touring plans, also she have mentioned about signing with the UK’s clothing brand Sharpe Design.


Hi Anja, nice talking with you again how are you?
Hi Carla and hi everybody! We are fine and very happy to talk to you again.

At first let’s talk about the line-up changes that EOM had, Larry and Francesco joined the band, but what is the reason the ex members have left the band?
Well, people often have to face a lot of change in their life and this lead to a new balance that could oppose to the bands’ objectives. This is what happened with our past musicians with whom there is no hate or anger. Francesco and Larry joined the band and we immediately loved each other, so it started a New Era for the band.

And you are ready to have the release of the new album called New Era, is this a concept album? What is the story behind this album?
We are very happy to release New Era album. It represents our musical and interior change: we tried to explain, through our songs, all our feelings communicating to our listeners a message of hope for the future. It’s not a concept album but there are a lot of connections in all songs both in lyrics and in music.

What about the cover artwork? Who is the artist who made it? 
All graphics and designs are by Pierre Alaine Durand. The cover artwork, as you noticed, is full of symbols you can find out even in the lyrics. The pyramid in the centre, represent the Phytagorean  number three, that is something linking material to the spiritual dimension. There is a great Hand called “Hand of Gaya” which try to take the pyramid down, representing our mother nature that can give us her gifts or even get what she wants, because she rules all material elements and all creatures. The setting is so dark, as you can see looking at the clouds, the stormy dark sea, but our eyes are attracted by the light in the middle of the pyramid where a man, apparently,  try to enter or exit, who knows? So, the meaning of the artwork is, symbolically, the passage from the darkness of the ignorance and prejudice, to the light of a new era that will be expression of full harmony between all creatures and to live according to nature, as Seneca teached.

Few days ago you have released a video aswell for ”Apokalypsis”, how was the feedback of the video and for the song also?
It was very good. In a few days we reached more than 17000 views that are going to increase. Many people sent us wonderful messages about ‘’Apokalypsis’’ song so we are very happy.

Do you have in mind to shoot a new video for another song?
Yes of course! There’s the will to shoot another video! We only have to choose which song, because every single song of New Era could be a video!

You Anja have signed a deal with Sharpe Designs, tell me more about it.
Sharpe Designs is an UK clothing company. They decided to support Elegy of Madness for all the live shows giving me wonderful outfits. All the staff is very kind and professional and I think that their support is very important! You will see many other shoots in the next months.

Soon you are ready to hit the road to promote the new album, also you will share the stage with bands such as Amorphis and Lacuna Coil. You had a press conference aswell a few days ago, how that went and what other touring plans do you have, maybe an autumn tour, I would like to see you live of course, maybe one day you will play in Romania!
We are so excited to start the promotion tour of New Era. We played in Croatia a few weeks ago at Balkan Metal Meeting and now we are leaving for Latvia where we will do three live shows  between the first and the second weeks of July. In this occasion we will play at the Zobens um lemes  festival (July 8th) sharing the stage with great band such as Amorphis, Batushka, Heidevolk. On July 22th we’ll come back in our homeland to play at the DreamRock Event with the DGM (Italian progressive-power) then will be the time on August 6th to play at the South’s Cheyenne fest  with Lacuna Coil! More dates will be announced for the autumn and winter.

What are the things you consider Elegy of Madness have achieved all these years till now, of course, beside that you have re-signed a deal with WormHoleDeath records.
We achieved our most important purpose: continue composing and playing our music. This is the best thing we could do! Our fans are showing us to appreciate our work!! This is for us a great goal reached!

Want to quit this interview with a message to EOM fans?
Fans remember that only you can bring us, towards infinity and beyond! We need you guys! You are our strength, please continue supporting us as you already do!

Thank you Anja for this interview, it was my plasure again to chat with you and hope to see you soon! Cin cin!
Thank you Carla, you are very kind. We hope to know each other soon!





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