Interview Lyzanxia (By Carla Morton)

Interview Lyzanxia (By Carla Morton)

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Being in bands such as One Way Mirror and Phaze I, Potvin brothers are very active into music so beside those two bands, they play into the metal band Lyzanxia. As I interviwed them two times already about Phaze I and One Way Mirror, why not talking to them about Lyzanxia aswell.

Nice talking again to you guys, how are you?
Franck: Still ok. We’re actually working on many musical projects, and with some other bands at the Dome Studio.
David: Good thanks! Barbecue time is nearly over but we’re still partying!

Seem you guys play in some bands, as talked with you about One Way Mirror and Phaze I, now lets talk about Lyzanxia. When did the band was founded?
Franck: That’s right. We’re officially playing in 3 bands and Lyzanxia is our first project. We started in 1996 and directly played in locals venues. We recorded a first four tracks demo called Rip My Skin and in 1998 another full length Demo/album called Lullaby. This record helped us to find bigger gigs and supporting bands like Edge Of Sanity, Disfear, Loudblast, No Return… We took it seriously from the beginning and we always wanted to be professional. For us, there’s no other option than doing music. In 2000 we decided to push the level and we recorded our “very first” album ”Eden” which was produced by Fredrik Nordström. We mixed the album in Goteborg in Sweden. This effort brought us a lot of gigs in France, Belgium and Switzerland. We also signed a good deal in Japan. Then we recorded Mindcrimes in 2002 and signed a deal with Reality Entertainment from Los Angeles. We toured in the USA in 2004, it was a really good experience. The US fans are really into it. Then we released Unsu in 2006, which was totally produced in Sweden by Nordström and we signed with the great French record company Listenable Records. We toured a lot to promote it. 15 gigs in the UK supporting our friends from Soilwork, 40 gigs in Europe to support The Haunted, and many festivals in France and Europe. ’’Locust’’, our latest album was released in 2010. Although, we didn’t get the chance to tour a lot, even if the reviews were really good. In less than 10 years we’ve seen the business changing a lot. People don’t buy CDs anymore, and it’s complicated to do proper tours as it costs a lot of money.

In 2010 you have released the fourth full-lenght entitled ”Locust”. Tell me about it.
Franck: It’s my favorite Lyzanxia album. We produced it by ourselves at the Dome Studio. The songs are really powerful. Our 4 albums are really different each other, but ”Locust” is the pure and perfect mix of Lyzanxia sound. A kind of modern Thrash/Death/Progressive Metal full of rage, haha!
David: ”Locust” is also my favorite album. I love the production we made, and I think the songs are perfect! When I listen to the previous albums I we recorded, I always find something to say about the songs. I mean that I would like to change little things here and there, but with Locust I won’t change anything. I’m proud of it.

What can you tell me about the other releases of the band?
Franck: As I told you our 3 first albums have been produced by the genius Fredrik Nordström. He’s such a cool guy and a great musician. Without him the band would be really different and not sure that we could find deals to release albums.
David: Yes, Fredrik is the guy who taught us how to compose efficient songs. We really wanted to work with this man, not only because his productions are awesome, but we knew that we could learn a lot from him. When our first album Eden has been released, we had 6/6 in Hard Rock magazine France, which was a very rare score. I’m sure the arrangements that Fredrik suggested were very effective. Though, we had to cut 10 minutes of the entire album length, haha! So when we arrived in the studio with the tracks of our second album Mindcrimes, we already worked on the structures of the songs because we didn’t want this tall Swedish guy to cut in our songs again, hahaha!

Are you going to release new stuffs soon?
Franck : We already got some songs in the bank. We need to find time to work on it and the rage to record it.
David: We have around 15 songs composed, but we’ll record a new album when we’ll find a good partner to release it. We really want a new album, but we’ll do it in the best conditions. It’s out of question to waste another album, like Locust for example…

What are the band’s influences and what are the lyrical themes?
Franck : Musically you can feel some influences of the US Thrash scene and some north European scene too.
David: We love bands like Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Inflames, Soilwork, Testament. The lyrical themes are very often about what’s in your brain, what can you feel when you’re mentally sick… Lysanxia is an anxiolytic medicine, that’s probably why we like to sing about mental diseases!

Any shows confirmed for this year?
Franck: No as we’re focused on One-Way Mirror now.

Do you have a message for Lyzanxia fans?
Franck: Keep following the band and drink beers.
David: Drink beers and keep following the band! We’ll come back soon with Lyzanxia!

Thank you again for your time, it was my pleasure as usual! Cheers to you!
David: Thanks a lot! As soon as we have a new band I’ll tell you! All the best!

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