Interview Aborym (By Carla Morton)

Interview Aborym (By Carla Morton)

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The Italian Industrial/Black metal band, Aborym, is known for their interesting style, they have released along six albums, one live album and soon the band might release new materials, but about all these we will find out in this interview where Fabban, the frontman of the band had time to answer my questions about Aborym.

Greetings Fabban, how have you been?
I’m fine.. all ok..I just went back home after a top-notch holiday with my family and friends..

Tell me when did Aborym was founded?
In 1992, by myself… We started playing a bunch of covers in a small dirty rehearsal room in my home town…

’’Dirty’’ is the latest release of the band. Tell me about it.
‘’Dirty’’ is more into the industrial electronic and it’s less “black metal”, and personally I never want to get in the situation of making records just to please the fan base, which a lot of bands do; in fact it’s what most bands do, making records just to please the fans. You can invest your own music and your own style with a personality that makes it somehow unique and original and which somehow transcends your influences. We can all listen to ‘With No Human Intervention’ or ‘Fire Walk With Us’ or ‘Generator’, and we can figure out what their influences might be, but, at the same time, these are all albums that transcend their influences. Through the strength of personalities we have created something that sounds unique, I think ‘Dirty’ is something unique in the industrial-metal scene. You can say it’s beautiful but it also ugly, it’s very organic but it’s very electronic, you could say it’s easy to get into, but at the same time it’s pretty difficult to get into. I mean there are things on this record that metalheads would be appalled by. It’s uncategorizable. This is our best album. I personally believe that. The second CD is a tribute to our fans, who will have the opportunity to listen to two old Aborym classics, Roma Divina Urbsand ”Fire Walk with Us!”, as well as a two-song tribute to Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails and a third absolutely crazy cover, ‘Hallowed be thy Name,’ by Maidens. In the second CD there is also ‘Need for Limited Loss,’ a song written by Alberto Penzin CO2 (ex-Schizo) with the intervention of the many fans who have sent us their ideas and audio files that we put in a unique song.
1532014_650196705039313_1529989778_n Are you going to release new materials soon?
Yes, I’m actually working on new material..

Tell me a few words about the other releases of the band.
All the Aborym’s album are special, I like ‘em all even if I’m trying to transform this band into something really unique, less “metal”, more “industrial”…and absolutely not black metal anymore…

Can you tell me why did Attila Csihar and Faust left the band?
Faust want to concentrate on his family and his private life.. that’s a good reason to quit.. I don’t like to talk about Csihar, sorry. He’s not part of this band since many years.

What are the band’s influences?
Many, but I try to not follow any influence actually. I want to make my music, 100% Aborym.

Who mainly writes the lyrics and what are the lyrical themes?
I write lyrics. I’ve decided to move to Los Angeles in order to write its lyrics… just to feel a completely different reality, since LA is completely different from Rome. It’s not a concept as we did on Psychogrotesque but all the lyrics deal about real life, people’s real problems, people’s daily inner turbulences, crisis and people’s madness. Something you can feel just walking on the streets or while travelling in a train or in the subway in a big city.. This is the daily hell, and many people accept to live in hell since they accept it everyday and in every moment of their life. I saw very weird things while hangin’around the city, trust me, and all this shit represents a huge inspiration for me. Personally people’s damaged minds scare me more then Satan, demons or whatever. I really think men’s biggest problem is himself.

Are there any shows confirmed for this year?
Not yet. I prefer to concentrate on the new album’s song writing and pre-pro..

Do you have a message for the Aborym fans?
Expect a new album soon folks..

Thank you Fabban, all the best to you!
Thank you. Cheers!

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