Interview: MALPHAS

Interview: MALPHAS

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Interview with Raven, Malphas guitarist.

LORD OV HELL: Hello everybody, I am here with Raven, the guitarist of the Swiss Black Metal band Malphas. How are you man?

Raven: Always great… I think.

Firstly I have a question on Swiss Black Metal scene, is it rich of qualitative black metal bands? It’s a question in fact for those who still aren’t familiar with Swiss Black Metal and those who don’t have acces to the scene.

From the past, we had some big figures on black metal from Switzerland like Hellhammer or Celtic-frost. We can speak a bit of Samael too, mostly for their beginnings.

Today, we have a lot of underground black metal bands most on swiss-german part. With Malphas we play a lot with Chotzä, I m also the guitarist of the band Chimaera with the singer of Chotzä and Temesras. I can speak of Pechstein, Han…. And a lot more that I don’t know or I don’t like.

Can you tell me how did you start Malphas? And something about the other members?

Malphas is a young boy of two years but some of the members play since more time. Belaam Has always been the voice of the left hand and we playing together since long time and it’s the same with Xezbeth on guitar too. Commander Typhus is the bassist player, Machete is on drum and we have started to play with its two musicians since the formation of the band.

Is there a signification about the band’s name Malphas? In fact there are also other bands with such name from various countries.

We knew that we had to serve a demon and we chose to serve Malphas. It s a builder like we try to build with our music that we play for him and his father Lucifer.

About the other bands with the same name we do not know them and why  they decided to take the name of Malphas and… yes…. we don’t care!

In 2015, you have released an EP entitled ‘’Occult Propaganda’’ in limited quantities I think. Do you think to relaunch it again?

We actually work on our first full album “Incantation” And it takes all our time… and our money. We want to print 500 copies of, so for the moment it s the priority of the band. We will continue to play the songs of “occult propaganda” in concert and one title of the ep has been re-recorded  for the upcoming album but I don’t think that we relaunch the ep again.

Do you play live shows, I saw on your official facebook page too many photos from live concerts? Is that a tour? Do you play with other bands?

As I said, a lot of concerts with the band Chotzä and the underground organisation “Night of blasphemy”. Never on tour unfortunately but a lot of concert on swiss-german part.

For the time begin, our bigger show was with the trash-black metal band Desaster but we definitely want to go further!

Can you tell us which are the main influences on Malphas sound and style?

Dissection, Watain. From all artistic light of this world, they have the purest one and we follow it.

I can hear same Norwegian influences on your recent single you launched some days ago entitled ‘’Rebirth of the Reign’’ taken from the upcoming new album,’’Incantation’’. I hear some melodies, fast furious drums and influences that reminds me of the early Emperor and Satyricon era.

Of course we listen a lot of black metal bands old or new and this adds up to our influence and our way of playing. But as I said, Dissection and Watain still the most prominent influence for us.

Will the new album be released by a label or independently by the band?

We have recorded by ourself and Xezbeth actually do the mix and mastering with Belaam. We re going to send all our staff to some label but for the moment we have no idea which one.

Who’s the artist behind the frontcover artwork design? Looks great by the way.

Jan pysander Whitney… really talented! Watching by yourself.

You band may be defined as Occult Black Metal one?

From my point of view the first ep is really occult yes… But we everytime look for progress and the upcoming album is more violent and complex. People will gives her opinions about it but I personally takes no interest about which style of black metal I do. Today it’s occult, tomorrow maybe more raw or… no matter what.

What is Satanism on your point of view? And is this you belief?

I have my own “design” of what satanism means. Satan is a kind of liberation but I prefer speaking about Lucifer. Lucifer is the light, the power, the knowledge but also all the worst side of humanity And the tyrannical god banned it because he was afraid of this. So now, Lucifer is a human like you and me with all its strength, all its weakness and all the sins. I accept to be imperfect because it’s the proof that I’m human and it helps me to search this perfection that god try to protect selfishness.

So, I’m Luciferian but just on my way.

Actually,are you touring or recording the material of your new full length album?

We are in the last straight line! Some songs to mix and we can start to send all this staff to labels.

Are you having any difficulties being a band with 5 members, I mean sometimes it’s hard to be 24 hours to 24 hours a black metaller in all ways.

Hahahaha Right! You know for me the definition of “friend” is someone whose you know all its defects and that you continue to be with.

But yes, sometimes it’s difficult because we have all a strong personality but it s also a strength and it’s why Malphas is a Strong band too.

At the end of our interview what are your thoughts or plans on this 2017?

2017 is the year of black metal for us we re going to search more date for concerts and distribute this first album as most as possible!

Thank you for taking time to have this interview for ANTICHRIST METALZINE. And keep the black flame alive!

Thank you Lord ov hell.

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