Review: VANIK “Vanik”

Review: VANIK “Vanik”

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VANIK “Vanik”
Ván Records

When Lemmy died on December 28th 2015, he left behind not only a great collection of music but a rock n roll spirit that will never die. Vanik are such a band who keep the spirit of the Motorhead mainman alive with their high octane take cross between old school rock n roll and pure unashamed heavy metal and they demonstrate this to the ultimate degree on their self titled debut album. Armed with a love of horror films and a wicked sense of humour, Vanik waste no time in getting you to bang your head to their energetic metal anthems and you can just picture fans headbanging along and stage diving to these songs, songs that combine a love of Motorhead, Venom and Iron Maiden with classic thrash and even a bit of hardcore/crossover action action going on too. This is pure metal goodness with a nod to the classic sounds of the 70s and 80s but done in a modern style.

The band contains alumni who have played with bands like Rammer, Toxic Holocaust, Midnight, Ringworm and Destructor so they certainly have form when it comes to making music of this calibre and their passion for metal comes across dramatically and listening to Vanik is like getting a kick to the head from an overzealous staged over at a show.

This is the sound of a band loving playing the music they make and it is definitely infectious with tracks like Fire Again, Dr. Speed, One More Dose and Deadly Pleasures as catchy and memorable as they are speedy and heavy. The bands love of horror is evident on tracks like Blood Sucking Lust, Midnight Ghoul, Eat You Alive and the albums closing track Island Of Lost Souls, all of which owe more to the Misfits, Repulsion, Death and Slayer when it comes to lyrical content as they do to Maiden, Razor and Priest in musical terms and these songs come across as a metal lovers dream and are all so much fun to listen to.

Fans of kindred spirits like Cauldron, Enforcer and Municipal Waste need to check out the music of Vanik as soon as possible, you won’t regret it! A fantastic and fun album that makes you realise why you fell in love with metal in the first place.

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