Interview Metalwings (by Ivona Bogner)

Interview Metalwings (by Ivona Bogner)

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METALWINGS INTERVIEW with Stela Atanasova and Krastyo Jordanov

METALWINGS is Bulgarian sympho/gothic metal band with Celtic influences, formed in Sofia in 2010. In 2015, band released 3 singles: “Crying of the Sun,Realm of DreamsandSecond Chance. EP “Fallen Angel in the Hell” was released on May 12th, 2016. During the years, Metalwings created their own, unique style, their own league.  Their time is coming…

Metalwings are:

Stela Atanasova-Vocals, Electric Viola, Keys;

Grigor Kostadinov-Guitars;

Krastyo Jordanov-Guitars, Vocals, Irish Flute;

Konstantin Uzunov-Bass;

Angel Kitanov-Keyboards.

Antichrist Metalzine brings you an interview with Stela Atanasova and Krastyo Jordanov.

Hi, guys! First of all, I would like to thank you for your time.

Hi, thank you for this interview!

Can you tell us something about the band name?

Well, the name of the band is related to our style of music. It combines the strength and the rawness of the metal music and the gentleness and the mildness of the wings.   

When did you form the band?

We formed the band almost 6 years ago in Sofia, Bulgaria.

You are playing sympho/goth metal with Celtic influence. Where do you find an ispiration?

Our inspiration is Life itself. It doesn’t matter when we were born – good and evil are always around us. This is our main source of creativity.

Who in the band has formal musical education?

Stela is a classical trained musician.

You released 1st single “Crying of the Sun” in 2015. The song is so catching, anytime I hear it, by some magic, I have a need to repeat it again and again. It is followed by video. Can you tell us something more about the location and your experience filming it?

The place where we filmed our video is called Belogradchik. It is one of the most beautiful places here in Bulgaria. It’s a natural phenomenon. It was the first video we made and of course it was a big adventure. We had to climb some rocks and carry all the equipment to the top. It was so windy and cold. We used a drone  for some of the shots, which  was really awesome. The place was so magical and had such a good energy.

Next single was “Realm of Dreams”? Are you dreamers?

We hope so. We think there is a dreamer in every human heart. It depends on the energy and the will of every human being to fullfil his dreams or let them go. So, every member of the band is a dreamer, in his own way.

Year 2015 brought another single, “Second Chance”. Can you tell us something more about it?

Second Chance was our first ballad. Stela wanted to create a gentle and mystical song about the constant battle between Good and Evil – the will of every man to be in love and to have a second chance.

The main writer and composer, I would say mastermind of the band, is Stela Atanasova. Can you tell us something about the creative process of making songs? What comes first in your case: lyrics or music?

Yes, that’s right. Stela is the mastermind of the band. She creates the Music and lyrics of each song and then the rest of the band join the creative process with the arrangement. We spend a lot of time  working on each new song till we are pleased with the sound and feeling.

About what comes first – it’s different. Sometimes Stela comes to a rehearsal and plays a new theme and then she writes the lyrics. Sometimes it happens vice versa. Every song comes with its own energy and sequence.

On 12th May 2016 you released album “Fallen Angel in the Hell”? Tell us something more about it?

This is our first album and we are very proud of it. It’s the final result of our common work in the past six years. There are two songs created two years agoSlaves of the Night and Ship of Shadows. Immortal Metal Wings and Fallen Angel in the Hell are brand new tracks. They are very special for us because these two songs are the proof of our courage and faith. 

Do you have any feedback?

Yes and this is awesome. Until that moment we didn’t know that we had so much fans all over the world. It’s like a miracle – sending our CDs worldwide. The feedback is great and we are so excited for all the kind words coming from our fans.

Album is recorded in Bulgaria and mixed and mastered in Italy. How hard is that process, at the first place financialy?

It was a very long process. We’ve put our own money into it because it’s difficult to find sponsorship here.

We began recording in the Summer of 2015, and it took us almost two years. We’ve changed studios during the process and finaly sent the raw material for mixing and mastering in Iltaly. We are very grateful to Manuele Pesaresi from Dyne Engine Studio who did this job for us.


Any promotional tour?

Unfortunately not for now. We don’t have enough finances at the moment. But this is our next goal – to have the chance to meet our foreign fans.

Speaking of touring… By now you played only in Bulgaria. How is the situation there? Can you tell me something more about position of metal in Bulgaria?

We have strong underground scene but otherwise metal is not mainstream and not profitable. The Bulgarian bands play mostly for pleasure.

I have visited Sofia last year and as I noticed, there are not a lot of metal clubs. How do you work on promotion?

When it comes to promotions we work with Joy Station. It’s the biggest club in Sofia. It has a big stage and decent equipment. In the past six years we have played in all major clubs in Sofia and we’ve learnt to pick up the best places. It’s important to choose the apropriate club, managers and conditions.


Mostly, people who have heard your music in my surrounding are comparing Metalwings with Nightwish. I guess you are Nightwish fans, but I think you created yor own league, own style. Besides Nightwish, who influenced most at creating your style?

Thank you for this question. Yes, there are people who are comparing our music with Nightwish, they even say that we copy them.  The truth is that some of us are big fans of this Finnish band and we can’t wait for their concert in Sofia, but that doesn’t mean that we are copying their style. We just share the same passion for music. Every musician has a favorite band or an idol.

Every person should have the chance to express itself no matter how. Art is one of the best ways of doing it. It’s such a big challenge to find courage to create music nowadays, especially with so many talented bands around.

At this point, you can not live from your music. Do you have regular jobs, do you study?

Right now, we cannot rely on the band’s income. We all have regular jobs and some of us are still students. But the band is a priority and we work hard to have time to play. 

Krastyo Jordanov is also known as independent composer Dracovallis. How does he manage being in two bands?

It is true that being in two projects is time consuming, but when you arrange your priorities properly you will find time for everything.

It is scientifically proven that classical music and metal fans have identical psychological profiles. Can you identify common ground of classical and metal music?

This is a very interesting statement. Metal and classical music have their own unique vibe, but the true magic appears when they are combined. It’s incredible.

How do fans all over the world react to your music? I guess FB and You Tube help a lot in promotion?

Most people react positively to our music. For example Crying of the Sun is now popular all over the world. We think that You Tube is the best platform for independent bands. The moment we reached one million views was magical. But it’s not enough just to make music and videos. You should make them with passion.

How much is Bulgaria open to metal? It seems there were a lot of significant concerts (Hypocrisy, The Big Four for example)? You also have Kavarna Rock Fest. Can metal fans afford visiting all those concerts and festivals?

There are many devoted metal fans who are ready to spend their last cent for their favourite band.

Can you remember the first concert you have ever been to?

Yes. It was Iron Maiden – Sofia on 04.07.2007

Your favorite concert by now?

Endless Forms Most Beautiful – Concert tour of Nightwish – Bucuresti on 10.12.2015

If you could choose the band you would like to share stage with, besides Nightwish, it would be?

The other band will be Within Temptation.

What is your next step? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Our next step is to film our second music video at the end of the Summer. Then we will start working on our full length album. We will focus on creating new songs and touring, so we can reach more people.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Be true to yourself and never give up. Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams.

Thank you so much for this great interview. Wish you all the Best!


(c) Ivona Bogner

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