Review BOUND BY FATE “Steadfast” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review BOUND BY FATE “Steadfast” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Bound By Fate “Steadfast”
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Cleveland is the biggest city of Ohio. It’s located on the southern shore of Lake Erie. It made that city always was important canter of industry or transportation. Now it surely changed, but it’s still economic capitol of the state. Also educational or cultural life play important role in Cleveland. There’re for sure many, many bands of all kinds of music. Since we’re interested in Metal than we’ll take a look on one of representatives of this genre.

BOUND BY FATE was formed in 2008. From original line-up there’s still only 50% of it: Phil Sonner (guit) and Dan Cameron (voc). Marius Fakadej (bass) and Vince Bounder (dr) was replaced by Dave Snodgras who except play bass also sing and Tim Seale. In 2014 guys decided to add one more guitar which’s using by Cliff Sporcic. Before “Steadfast” band released only a demo entitled “Live Session” and full-length “Aftermath”.

Guys call their music Groove/Thrash Metal. Well, to be honest I never understood what adjective “groove” means in relation with Metal music. Maybe that’s reason for which I claim that it’s just Thrash Meta! Well, played in different way than it makes for example SCHIZO, MORTILLERY and other acts like that, but it’s still Thrash Metal. So as we can see (hear) in this sub-genre of Metal there’s still a lot to explore – even if that’s nothing new what we hear here.

Clevelanders are just fascinated by what always did Phil Anselmo with his group or do some band from New Orleans which first album was “Obedience Thru Suffering”. In this point I don’t see anything groove here! Both bands I’m talking about above exist (or existed) since very long time, so… Anyway, we can hear this fascination both in music and Dany’s or Dave’s way of singing. During these seven songs we have quite changeless and middle tempo. Of course it pertains to guitars, first of all. I can count accords and riffs in every song on fingers of one hand. There’s any quirkiness as solos, tin whistles (maybe once or twice it happens, but it’s so short and “mask” that it’s really hard to notice it) and so on. We have here just easy playing what doesn’t mean that it’s boring! Of course if in the band would be only guitarists than it could be so, but we have here also other instruments. Tim plays drums in really interesting way. Well, it’s nothing discovering. He doesn’t play in some complicated passages or something. It’s rather easy to play and just like guitars it’s in middle tempos and played in spare way. Vocal, as I already said, connotes quite unambiguously with Phil.

Well, after what I wrote above you can think that it’s nothing worth attention. But it’s wrong! Even if I never was some true-blue fan of music like that, but it has pure fire inside.  If you like playing like that – just get it now!!!

Contact: Dan Cameron –

Phil Sonner –

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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