Interview: Sasko Mojsov (Slave Pit)

Interview: Sasko Mojsov (Slave Pit)

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Slave Pit is thrash metal band formed in Skopje, Macedonia back in 2013. The band is now active in Sofia, Bulgaria, where their founder, Sasko Mojsov moved. Slave Pit announced debut album “Massacre on the Battlefield” later this year, so Antichrist Magazine brings you a brief interview with Sasko Mojsov.

When and who formed Slave Pit?
It was formed by me and my best friend and brother Ilija Panov in 2006.

Actually, original band name was Nuclear Blood, right?
First was Knights Of Honor and then Nuclear Blood.

Nuclear Blood recorded two songs, and than band members started playing in two different bands. Which bands are we talking about?
Well actually I started to play in two different bands and one is called Poltergeist and the other is Golgota or my personal project One Man Band.

In 2011 Nuclear Blood reunited?
It was only for a short period of time and then I left Kavadarci. I was moved to Skopje to live where I stayed with Marko Nikolovski and Pece Svekarosvki Sabbat.

When did you change the band name to Slave Pit?
Well, for me was good to change the name where is connected with my blood line.

Why Slave Pit?
My father was a soldier and in the war 2001 they was a Slaves from the enemy or Albanian soldiers and they were tortured in one pit the name is Underground Pit in Karpalak a place where too many soldiers dies from Macedonia. A true sad story.

Who is in the band today?
Well today in my band are: Sasko Mojsov – lead guitar and vocals, Ivan Cvetkov – guitar, Zdravko Atanasov Mihailov – bass and Kamen Milkov – drums.

You were born in Macedonia, and significant part of Slave Pit′s history is connected with your home county. You were rewarded for the best thrash metal song in 2015. What song are we talking about?
Well, yeah… Everything is connected with my country and my city in 2015 we was a part in one festival called TkTak Fest. The fest is in memory of one of the best drummers in Macedonian Music Antology – Trajko Karov and I was a part with his band called Bagas in 2009.

“Artillery Barrage” was chosen as Metal Hymn in 2015 and best metal song in Macedonia. It seems Macedonians love metal?
Well yeah Macedonians love metal honestly.

At some point, you decided to move to Bulgaria. Now, you live in Sofia. Can you compare Macedonian and Bulgarian metal scene?
Bulgarian scene is far by kilometers. In Macedonia for now the metal scene is dead. Yeah, totally dead.

Are the conditions for metal bands better in Macedonia or Bulgaria? I am speaking of studios, labels, recording, shows…
Bulgaria… They have everything here.

You have one EP behind and debut album will be released in November. Tell me something more about the album (main idea, lyrics themes, art cover, label…).
Well the idea is war and only war and the most important thing religion, fucking religion!

Any plans for videos?
Yeah, in December 2018 or in January 2019 we plan to launch video for “Torturing the Betrayers”.

You have a guest appearance of Bojan Ljiljak, vocalist of Serbian thrash metal band Kuga? How did you meet each other?
In 2014 we play on same fest in Skopje they was with Kuga and the other two bands was my blood brothers from Deadly Mosh and Speed Merchants.

Besides Kuga, name me a few Serbian bands you like to listen.
Eh, I love so fucking much the Serbian metal bands. I grew up with Evil Blood, Bloodbath, Introitus, Scaffold, RapidForce, Infest and many more.

Any plans for shows in the future?
Too much for now. We come on 23 November in Belgrade to destroy everything there with my brothers from Scaffold and Rapid Force. And after that we will go in Europe on tour.

What can we expect in Belgrade?
Author songs and four covers. I will reveal two: “Maze of Torment” (Morbid Angel) and “Certain Death” (Sadus).

Besides music, what is your passion?
I`m a Cheef in restaurant and ex champion in Judo 2005 European Champion.

Really, which category?
Super weight.

When did you stop competing and why?
I quit after I was injured. I almost lost my leg. My left knee was broken at two places, so I spent 14 months in the hospital to save my leg.

And your other passion, cooking… What do you like to eat the most, and what to cook?
Meat, meat and only meat, ha, ha… I am cooking mostly Balkan dishes. Serbian and Bulgarian food are mostly the same, I see no differences, it is only the matter of chef how will he prepare it. I like to cook Macedonian dish tavce na gravce or beef soup.

Any influences in culinary world?
No, I am the best, ha, ha…

But I am sure you have influences in metal world…
Slayer and Death! Also Demolition Hammer, Sarcophago, early Sepultura, but Slayer and Death at the first place.

First and last metal show you have been?
First metal show yeah it was in 2006 Kreator and Destruction Taksirat Fest and last show was tonight Battle Of The Bands Wacken.

Any band you would like to hear particularly in the future?
Actually, I listened all of my favorite bands but I would to be part from some big festivals in future.



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