Review: Carpathian Forest ”Likeim”

Review: Carpathian Forest ”Likeim”

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Carpathian Forest- ”Likeim” (Indie Records)

Carpathian Forest blast back after not releasing any new material over the past decade with this filthy taster of material that makes up this 7″, material that will have their faithful fans wanting more and precedes the bands forthcoming and highly anticipated album Likskue. Likeim is exactly what the fans will want and a is a great indication from the greatness that be upcoming from Carpathian Forest.

It’s filthy, raw and punked up black metal with that Carpathian Forest trademark nastiness and coarse black humour more than intact. While Likeim only consists of two tracks, those tracks will remind you exactly what you have missed and what you can hope (and some will undoubtedly fear) for the future. The title track, Likeim, is a berserk slice of pure Carpathian black metal and sees the trademark Nattefrost growl take centre stage over a blirzkrieg of rawness that wouldn’t sound out of pace on a Discharge or Anti Cimex record while the bands cover of all ”My Friends Are Dead” by fellow Norwegian heroes Turbonegro is a magnificent rendition of one of their most loved songs and they could t have picked a more suitable song to cover. It also demonstrates the similarities and bond that both bands share.and shows that they are kindred spirits, united by their love of raw rock n roll and punk energy. With these two tracks, Carpathian Forest have more than whetted our appetites for more of their gloriously nasty noise so hopefully the new album will be with us sooner rather than later as it’s great to have them back.

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