Interview Tsjuder

Interview Tsjuder

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The Norwegian Black metal band, Tsjuder, released their fifth album this year under the name of ‘’Antiliv’’. Here is an interview with Nag about the new album and other stuffs.

12003280_1048440965196891_8197420370906335726_n Hails Nag, how things are going?
All is good. Finally things are settling a bit after the recording of “Antiliv”.

First, tell me when did Tsjuder was founded?
Tsjuder was founded in 1993.

You have released the fifth full-lenght this year entitled ”Antiliv”. Tell me about it.
“Antiliv” is a continuation of what Tsjuder has always done; delivering raw and brutal Black Metal with no compromises. The songs are varied from full throttle blastbeats to slow and harsh grooves.

Are you going to tour soon to promote the new album?
I hope we will get some tours soon, but nothing is planned at the moment. Unfortunately it’s extremely expensive to organize tours today, and it’s hard to get the money back to finance a tour. So, it’s a bit out of our hands, but we hope something will be arranged in 2016.

What can you tell me about the other band’s releases?
All our releases are pure Black Metal. They might vary a bit with some being more trahs influenced, some more death influenced, etc, but they all have the same basis. The line-up on all albums are also the same, except “Demonic Possession”, where Jontho (Ragnarok) plays drums.

Who mainly use to write the music and what are the lyrical themes?
The main composor is Draugluin. He is the guitarist, and the mastermind behind all the details in our songs. I also write riffs which Draugluin and I put together and compose songs. On “Antiliv” we actually made most of the songs in the rehearsal room with everyone present. So, Draugluin could have a riff, and Anti-Christian put drums on it, and everyone worked on it. All our lyrics are founded upon death, destruction, darkness, evil and hatred. On “Antiliv” many of the lyrics are very misanthropic and anti-life (hence the title).

Any influences?
Musically we have always been influenced of bands such as Sarcofago, Volcano, Sepultura (old), Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, amongst many more. They are the foundation of our music, while we have also gain a lot of inspiration from bands such as Darkthrone, Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Immortal and Marduk.

Are there any future plans for Tsjuder?
At the moment we are done with “Antiliv”, we have no concerts until 2016, and there are no plans. So right now we have 2 weeks with doing nothing. Then we will start rehearsing again, and hopefully create new music. There’s no real plan, but we have talked about releasing an Ep as the next thing we’ll do. Time will tell.
11143501_1016911995016455_7207533815003706721_n Do you have a message for the fans?
“Antiliv” will be released the 18th of September, and is actually streaming live today. Buy the album. Support raw and brutal Black Metal!

Thank you for this interview Nag, hails and all the best!
Thanks for doing this interview with Tsjuder.

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