Mycelia ”Obey”- CD review (By Carla Morton)

Mycelia ”Obey”- CD review (By Carla Morton)

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Mycelia is a Swiss Technical Death/Progressive metal band which have released this year via WormHoleDeath records the album entitled ”Obey”.

The album has 12 tracks, begins with Birth Of a Tragedy and ends with Melancholic: The Mass Of a Million Earths’’.
11407046_10152766085917294_8595688660041882637_n5 I am not so much into Technical Death metal, but Mycelia sounds very interesting to be honest, “Obey’’ is an album that can be easily listened. Since tried to listen other bands into Technical Death metal, hardly I can find something to like, but this underground band didn’t disappoint me. Everything sounds nice, all the instruments can be heard, both clean and brutal vocals. About the songs, I am the Fungus might be the known song of this album and same the longest one, the instrumental song, Obey, arose me the attention (I usually like to listen stuffs like this song because are relaxing and interesting), Sean in the Snail Shell has a pretty begining then suddenly starts with the brutal vocals, Sanguine: This Party Sucks has interesting bass technics, but as said all the album is perfect.

Listeners of Technical Death metal might like the band, especially ‘’Obey’’, you should give a try, don’t hesitate not to, because you never know, also I hope one day to see them performing live, might be interesting, of course!

Favorite songs: Obey, I am the Fungus.


Track list:
Ritalin / Ritalout
I Am The Fungus
You Look Fat When You Cry
Happy Merry-Go-Round
Phlegmatic: Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Sean In The Snail Shell
Sanguine: This Party Sucks
Melancholic: The Mass of a Million Earths

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