Interview with Asylum Pyre

Interview with Asylum Pyre

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Hi guys! Can you tell us more about the creative process behind “Call Me Inhuman” and what fans can expect from it?
Ombeline: Johann started to compose this album when we were releasing “N°4” in 2019. Well, in fact, he has a bunch of songs on his computer, screaming his name for a bit of attention 🙂 The covid did not discourage us and it allowed us to work on this album. At this time, I have been (with happiness) stuck in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 5 months and tried to work this way. Then I came back to Paris and we recorded the demo, just to be sure to fix everything. Meanwhile, Johann was working a lot with Thomas Calegari (drummer) but also Fabien Mira (bass). The massive and authentic sound that you can hear on the album is thanks to them and the way we recorded the drums: unique! A tunnel of sound… Our guitarist Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson worked also on his side to deliver the fantastic solos of this album. What can fans expect? A lot of diversity, of energy, powerful vocals, groovy drums and bass, catchy melodies… A firework of power metal, between tradition and modernity!

Your previous album, “N°4” was quite successful, and this new album is said to be even catchier while still exploring new horizons. How did you manage to achieve this balance between familiarity and innovation in your music?
Ombeline: We don’t censor ourselves! That’s one of our principles, whether it’s in songwriting or in vocal performance. Our influences are multiple and different for each member. I believe that our musical explorations give AP’s music that special touch. Johann composes the songs and submits them to us. Together we check what we can change and test. We also have to find compromises because sometimes we don’t like or hear the same things! It is a perilous and highly diplomatic exercise 🙂 We love all kinds of music and it shows. The album is full of various references: Spice Girls, Michel Legrand, SIA, Eastern European polyphonies, tribal rhythms, bagpipes… The things have to be made at the service of the song! If it brings anything to the song, unless for us to say “hey, look how original we are”, there’s no point and that would be really pretentious from us.

The cover art for “Call Me Inhuman” was created by Mr. Mickey Mythrid Art. What was the inspiration behind this artwork and how does it relate to the themes and concepts explored in the album?
Johann: As for the previous album, we have kept that female figure that represents Gaïa, mother nature. We wanted it to be both very beautiful in appearance and very dark if you look at the details. Exactly as our music and lyrics… Because, our lyrics are far darker than it seems if you want to study it… Then here you can see nature eating a piece of a human being…

You’ve toured and played with some big names in the metal industry, such as Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Demons & Wizards, and Xandria. How have these experiences influenced your music and performance style?
Johann: For sure you learn when you meet people as good and as humble as Mr. Turilli and Kürsch. Artistically, the most important thing I’ve learnt, maybe, is to go into your own direction. Admit who you musically are.

Asylum Pyre is known for having a real musical identity that mixes traditional and modern styles with two voices: lead female singer and additional male vocals. How do you balance these different elements to create a cohesive sound that is uniquely Asylum Pyre?
Ombeline: Johann and I are testing each song and spend several hours working on the vocal lines. The work beforehand is colossal and allows us not only to prepare the final recording in good conditions, but above all, to be able to refine the vocals, the vocal lines, and just like for our influences, to be able to propose something that serves the song. I will never understand people that enter the studio without working hard on their demo! It is precisely this preparatory work that allows you to be right and to propose a sound having a unicity.

Band’s founder, Johann Cadot, has developed a concept for the band’s music and visual elements set in a pre-apocalyptic world. Can you tell us more about this concept and how it influences your music and image?
Johann: It’s all about the reunion of the fighters, all around the world that has to unite to save what can be saved on earth… It has begun with our first album, from the first observations of the earth to the rising of fighters from every places in the world that unites so as to try to save what can be saved on earth. The story takes place between 2009 and 2062, and in N°4 we already are in 2052, in a pre-apocalyptic world “à la Mad Max”. Each member is a character in the story. Led by “oxy”. Every character has its strength and weaknesses.
We will explain each song of the discography in the upcoming month
Music inspires lyrics and lyrics inspire music. For sure.

The press release mentions that your music has a strong focus on power, melody, and emotions. How do you approach conveying these elements through your music and lyrics?
Johann: We study each second of the music for it. And we write each song as if it were the last. We play the music we want to hear and we do it with all our heart! 🙂

Asylum Pyre has been active since 2009 and has released several albums. How has your music evolved over time and what can fans expect from “Call Me Inhuman” in terms of musical progression?
Ombeline: The music has evolved with the evolution of our societies but also, the members involved in the band. The situations of each of them have an impact, not only on the life of the band, but also, on the interpretation. With “Call Me Inhuman”, we have, in my opinion, reached a certain degree of musical maturity, and continue to work on the sound that characterizes us. Sometimes, we are told that the album is very French because the sound volume is less loud than on other productions. Our sound, worked with Angelo Buccolieri, also reflects our “artisanal” production. We don’t want a “signature sound”, which is fashionable and confuses the productions with each other and anchors the albums in a year, a decade…: something that will age with time. I listen to a lot of prog rock and my father, who is a living musical encyclopedia, often makes me listen to albums that are several decades old and are surprisingly modern, both in composition and in sound. One suspects that it is not made in 2023, the sound is not massive. But on the other hand, these albums defy time!

Asylum Pyre’s lead vocalist is often praised for her extraordinary talent. How do you think her vocal abilities contribute to the overall sound of Asylum Pyre?
Johann: In the fact that there is no limit to it! Ahah! And we both love to try new things and insert elements from any musical genre So it’s a blessing to tell stories and add originality and diversity in the songs !! Then it also add plenty of colors due to the harmonies contained in her voice.

Finally, how do you hope fans will receive “Call Me Inhuman”? Are there any particular messages or emotions you hope to convey through this album?
Ombeline: It would be very pretentious to think that an album can change things, even if the history of music allows to affirm the contrary. Personally, I want people to have a good time, to escape from their everyday life. That it brings them something, whether it is an emotion or a reflection on their own life.
Johann: We want to share our music. Sing together. Share our love for the earth and for a united fellowship!

Thank you!
Thanks to you! 🙂

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