Review: Time To Kill “S.B.A.H.” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: Time To Kill “S.B.A.H.” [Sliptrick Records]

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On review here is S.B.A.H. which I suspect is an acronym for the opening track, “Slut Bag Ass Hammer”, by the US band Time To Kill. I’m hearing a variety of genres here – punk, thrash, some groove and hardcore – but mainly punk and I’m afraid this is probably going to be my shortest review ever.

The guitar tone, it suits the music. But that’s it.

Punk, thrash, hardcore and crossover, if that’s what this is, all have attitude and/or are angry. Sadly, apart from one song “Set Free” this album seriously lacks any of that. Everything is so tame and subdued, even the song structures, but especially the vocals, the lyrics are seemingly there, punk, angry and full of attitude, but the execution is definitely not. The guitar tone is the angriest thing on this album and I also can’t put my finger on it, but there were moments on this recording where it sounded as if the timing was out. The musicianship is quite basic, but would be overlooked for better, more energetic song structures.

A conclusive overview:
This is not what to expect from anything remotely associated with punk, or any of the aforementioned genres. It is tame, subdued and unexciting.

Is it worth a listen? I will always advocate that you do. Would I listen to it again? Never. Sorry, but it’s just not good. I can appreciate punk or punk-related music, but this is just not good.

Til next time.

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