Interview with Dimentianon

Interview with Dimentianon

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Hello! Your new album “Chapter VI” seems to showcase a more diverse and eclectic sound compared to your previous releases. What inspired this shift in musical direction, and how did you approach the songwriting process for this album?
Hello. Thank you for your nice words. I don’t hear a shift. Personally, I think we have always had many different diverse and eclectic elements going back to the beginning days when we were known as The Forgotten. However, with the many line-ups changes we have had over the years come newer, and more diverse influences. The approach was no different than previous albums we just started working on songs as we can. Fortunately, this time the line-up from the last album stayed together, which was the first time in the band’s existence. which made things a bit easier on the band. This album is a natural progression from Dreaming Yuggoth for us.

The band has been through several lineup changes over the years. How has this affected the band’s sound and creative process, and how does the current lineup differ from previous ones?
As I mentioned in the first question. I think the core Dimentianon sound is always there, though over the years past members have brought in fresh influences and help to shape the songs and releases they performed on. The biggest difference with this release and our last release is the way Joe and Don really gel so well together with their ideas. They complement each other very well. I think we went forward from our last album Dreaming Yuggoth and took things further and sound more mature on the new one.

Dimentianon follows no trends and carves out a path all its own. Can you elaborate on what sets Dimentianon apart from other bands in the black, death, and doom metal genres?
I think you can hear it’s us going back to the beginning of the band we never cared about trends. We only cared about using our influences and the things that inspired us and expressing it in and individual manner. This alone sets us apart from so many bands out there.

The band is described as existing in a void where few others will enter. What is it about your music that you think appeals to fans who are looking for something different from the typical underground metal scene?
I am not sure we appeal to a lot of out there, to be honest. But if you are looking for something different and not the same old thing that plagues most [not all] the worldwide scene then I would highly recommend you give us a listen. We have many different influences that we work with, and we also look to ourselves to paint a portrait of what we feel Dimentianon represents.

Your press release mentions that the feedback to your last album shows that the underground is hungry for something new. What do you think is lacking in the current metal scene, and how do you strive to provide something fresh and original with your music?
Individuality is seriously lacking with a lot of bands. A lot of generic bands who are just worshipping their hero’s and not even making an effort to put their own identity in. There are exceptions of course, however, most of the time I rather just listen to the original artists they are blatantly copying. We take a lot of pride in making something that is ours. I would not say we are the most original either, but we have our own identity. Which is far more important, I think. Honestly, it has been our way no matter what the line-up since day one, so it just comes naturally to go that route for us. I would like to add there are many past, present, and newer bands that I enjoy. I am not an elitist and I am a huge supporter of the scene and what it represents. However, there are many artists that I feel need to make more of an effort and I stand by that.

You’ve played shows with a variety of high-profile acts over the years. How have these experiences influenced your approach to live performance, and what can fans expect from a Dimentianon live show?
It has been great to play with these bands over the years though we have not played out live a lot for many years now because of the various line-up issues though we do our best with what we can to get out there. But playing with bands that either you grew up with or even just a band you don’t know, and they blow you away is exciting. It can have a huge impact on how you need to practice more heh heh or show you that we can hold our own with these bands. People can expect the band to have energy and excitement to be up there and perform. Very old-school metal approach if you will.

The band has been around for over 20 years now. Looking back on your career, what have been some of the highlights and challenges you’ve faced as a band?
Over 27 1/2 years actually. The highlights were getting to do a little touring, playing a few festivals, and sharing the stage with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Kreator, Macabre, Deicide, Enslaved, amongst others… the low points hmmm… this interview would be too long if I answered that. I can say trying to find a steady line-up for close to a decade was extremely frustrating and not something I hope this band ever goes through again. I will not survive that a second time I think. And yes, in many ways this was the lowest time for Dimentianon though there were many others.

The band is “too extreme for the underground.” How do you balance pushing the boundaries of your genre with creating music that still appeals to a wider audience?
I think as long as you work on writing good individual songs this will work itself out. You can’t worry about what others are going to think too much because this can affect you creatively in my opinion. And at the same time, you have to like what you are creating.

Your new album is titled “Chapter VI.” Does the album have a conceptual theme or storyline, and if so, how does this influence the music and lyrics?
No. The album is very personal for me and all the songs I wrote lyrically are extremely personal to me. They do symbolize a rebirth for me that I desperately needed and also there are other topics that I explore that mean a lot to me.

What are your plans for the future of Dimentianon, both in terms of new music and live performances? Do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re excited about?
To get the new album out of course [which it will be shortly] we are very excited about. We are going to look to start rehearsing for shows shortly also. We have nothing line-up yet. With Dimentianon we go forward the best we can. With regular jobs, family, personal things to attend to it can be difficult but we manage. My label Paragon Records has new releases this year and things seem to be growing for Dimentianon and Paragon Records daily which is great. It is a lot of hard work for many years now but everything is going forward, which is the most important thing. I will continue to work hard and try to make more and more happen and bring more people on board with Paragon Records and Dimentianon to help out as much as possible. Thanks to all the people out there who assist and also support Dimentianon and Paragon Records! Thank you for the interview and support as well… All the best to you. Anyone wishing to get in touch, all our info is below. Do not hesitate. REMEMBER TO KEEP METAL SICK AND NEVER LOSE HEART!

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