Review: The Grifted “Doomsday & Salvation” [Personal Records]

Review: The Grifted “Doomsday & Salvation” [Personal Records]

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On review/overview here is Doomsday & Salvation by Swedish death metallers The Grifted. This is standard Swedish death metal, with a little death ‘n roll thrown in for good measure.

The more subtle buzz saw guitar tone. It’s definitely not as pronounced as some Swedish death metal bands. I also like the production, it has quite a dirty sound to it, which suits the music.

This is however still a fairly average debut here, and the issue I have is that the other bands and projects these guys have been involved in are way more impressive… Tiamat, Grand Cadaver and CHILD to name a few that I would’ve expected them to up the ante so to speak.

Doomsday & Salvation almost seems to have been recorded for the sake of being recorded. There are perhaps only a couple of delicious riffs. The drumming is pretty standard, not that you’d be able to over complicate it on this album anyway. The songs lack creative structure or perhaps have a weird creative structure, even though there are many transitions and directions in each song to the point that it seems a little all over the place at times. The opening track begins with a bang, making you think you are in for something fantastic here, but the moment the vocals come in, the music seems to take a confused route, seemingly setting the tone for what’s to come.

Is it worth a listen? I will always advocate you do. Will I ever listen to it again? No. Even though the production and sound are great, creatively it falls a little short.

Til next time.

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