Interview with Eric of LOMOR

Interview with Eric of LOMOR

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Hi Eric! Your music is heavily influenced by old-school Thrash bands like Slayer, Testament, and Kreator. How did you get into this style of music, and what made you decide to incorporate it into your own sound?
In fact when I was a teenager I discovered all the thrash wave of the 80s and it blew me away. When I took up the guitar, I naturally tried to reproduce their music and it stuck. For me there was no doubt that this is what I would like to play.

You recently released your debut album, “Perseverance of Sickness.” Can you tell us a bit about the themes and inspiration behind the album?
Perseverance of Sickness is a big echo in my own personal life. It’s about beloved people who disappears too early because of disease. Sickness can be perseverant when you lost your cousin than your brother in a few years! “Brother In Black” is dedicated to my brother. Besides this, the album talks about society problems, corruption or the manipulation of the masses…… But we are not trying to share a particular or special message you know. We make music that’s all.

What was the recording process like for “Perseverance of Sickness”? Did you face any challenges, and how did you overcome them?
the recording sessions was quite unusual ha ha… From the start we decided to try to make a “real” production to catch attention the more we can. So we contacted Sébastien Camhi from ArtMusic Studio in France in early 2021 and he accepted the project. Initially he was supposed to come to Reunion to make the drum recordings, but because of the pandemic he couldn’t come! But we kept the session via video conference: we did everything remotely thanks to technology over 10000 km away ha ha… And in the end, the sound he produced is awesome and very in step with our songs. We are very happy to have been able to work with him for this release!

You’ve already played some significant gigs in Reunion Island, including opening for Pamplemouss and playing at the Tattoo Convention. How do you prepare for live performances, and what’s your favorite part about playing live?
Yeah, we had the chance, despite the pandemic, to play some great shows during 2020 and 2021. 2022 was a great year too with the opening for Mass Hysteria for the Tattoo Convention. A bit like all bands, we do a lot of live rehearsals to prepare for our concerts. We try to work the show between songs or speech intervention. We love all parts about playing lives lol!

You’ve described your music as a mix of Thrash, Punk, and Metalcore. How do you balance these different genres to create a cohesive sound, and what challenges do you face in doing so?
Hum, we do it quite naturally I would say. It’s not a conscious or a deterministic process. We try some patterns or arrangements and if they sounds good to us we kept them. That’s all.

Can you walk us through your songwriting process? How do you come up with ideas for songs, and how do you turn those ideas into finished tracks?
Generally we start with a few guitar riffs. Then we work on structures and patterns for the drums. Bass lines come a little after. Then we can re-arrange the overall when the lyrics enter the game. We record a lot of rehearsals to be able to listen to them some days after with new ears. Lyrics are written very late in the process but they will give the real identity of the song I think. So It take quite a long time before I could finish them.

What advice would you give to other musicians who are just starting out and trying to get their music heard?
Well I don’t know if I can give any advice to anyone… But I would surely say: believe in your project, in your idea or in whatever you make. Be perseverant!

You’ve been active on social media and have a strong online presence. How important do you think social media is for musicians today, and how do you use it to connect with your fans?
Yep, (unfortunately?), social media is very important for bands or musicians nowadays. Music industry, fans or people in general, are very focused on these numbers: streams, downloads, views or whatever indicators social media can give. No view is no visibility! So, yeah, we decided to invest time and energy in it. This is not the funniest part, but we have to do it. But feedbacks of our fans or music professionals through this «channel» are very comforting and give us strength to go further!

You recently gave a “Release Party” concert for your debut album. How did it feel to finally release the album after working on it for so long, and how did the audience respond to your new material?
It was an amazing moment of share with fans who came to support us. We were quite hesitant about the number of people who would move. But nearly 200 people were there. This was great! It was like a deliverance for us after 2 years of work for every aspect of the project: records, promotion, merch, etc…

What’s next for Lomor? Do you have any plans for future tours, collaborations, or new music?
Well, we are working on a tour in France for the end of the year, near September or October surely. No confirmed dates for now, but we are confident. But for now we have a confirmed date on May 6th for the «Maytal Festival» on Mauritius Island, our sister island near Reunion Island. We can’t wait to play there and meet the Mauritian public! This will be our first international tour ha ha ha… While waiting for all this, we started to compose new songs.

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