Interview with LEATHÜRBITCH

Interview with LEATHÜRBITCH

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Hello! Shattered Vanity’s lyrics touch on horror themes – what was the inspiration behind this choice and how does it add to the overall concept of the album?
We are all huge horror fans, and writing an album with a spooky theme was always a route that we wanted to take. We felt that this shift in our sound was definitely the next step for us musically.

Shattered Vanity is being released on CD, vinyl, and cassette tape formats. What is your personal favorite way to listen to music and why?
My personal favorite way to listen to music is definitely on vinyl. Nothing beats the warm sound quality, the giant album artwork and the division of the album into sides.

Can you tell us about any challenges you faced during the recording process of Shattered Vanity and how you overcame them?
During our very first recording session for Shattered Vanity, it became overwhelmingly obvious that our drummer was incapable of performing the songs to our standards as a band. We had to fire our drummer while recording, and instead had our good friend Charlie Koryn fill in as a session drummer on the album.

Your sound has been described as a blend of early ‘80s Sunset Strip and speed metal – how do you balance these influences while still creating something fresh and new?
Honestly, we just create music that we want to hear. We are definitely not reinventing the wheel when it comes to our sound, but the wheel works and we love it! We inject our own personalities into our music and that’s what keeps it fresh and unique.

LEATHÜRBITCH has a very distinct and recognizable visual style. Can you talk about the importance of visual presentation in your music and how it relates to your sound?
We feel that bands should have a strong visual presence to accompany their strong musical presence. When you sound the part AND look the part, it changes how people hear your music.

How has your approach to touring and live performances evolved since the pandemic began?
I wouldn’t say that our approach to touring or playing shows has evolved at all. We just recently started playing shows again after taking a long break during the pandemic and it honestly feels like the old days again. If anything we are just more grateful to be back on stage and we definitely take it less for granted after knowing what it feels like to have it taken away.

Your first album, Into the Night, was released via High Roller Records. Can you talk about your experience working with that label and why you chose to work with Shadow Kingdom Records for Shattered Vanity?
Working with High Roller Records was a great opportunity for us. They put our name in the European market and we gained a lot of European fans by working with them. We chose to work with Shadow Kingdom for this release because our contract with High Roller was for 2 records (our EP and Into the Night). Shadow Kingdom seemed like the next logical step for us because that is a label that definitely caters to the new wave of traditional metal.

Can you tell us about any new gear or equipment you used during the recording of Shattered Vanity that helped shape the album’s sound?
We used pretty much the same equipment that we used to record Into the Night to record Shattered Vanity. We recorded both albums at the same studio with the same producer.

What are some non-musical influences that have had an impact on your music and creative process?
Horror films and novels had a huge influence on the lyrics for Shattered Vanity. Each song is a little horror story in its own right.

Your band name and song titles have a very provocative and confrontational edge. Can you talk about the importance of pushing boundaries and taking risks in your music?
You have to take risks and push boundaries if you want to stick out in the sea of denim and leather. Our music has no time for conservative frames of mind. Everything has already been done in this genre, so you might as well try to have fun with it.

What are some of your favorite moments or memories from your time as a band so far?
Playing Legions of Metal in Chicago, playing Street Metal Massacre in Philadelphia and playing Pounding Metal in LA are some of our absolute favorite memories as a band so far.

What can fans expect from your live shows and how do you strive to create an immersive and engaging experience for the audience? Thank you!
Fans should expect a huge emphasis on Shattered Vanity and the musical direction we are taking with that album. This album very much represents a new chapter and a new era for our band. We plan on focusing on the future, while still paying homage to a few songs from our High Roller catalogue. We plan on engaging our audience by doing what we’ve always done best, only even better now with a new and improved lineup and a new thirst for life.

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