Costa Rican Industrial Black Metal Band DUSK Drops New Single: RETHRENODY III

Costa Rican Industrial Black Metal Band DUSK Drops New Single: RETHRENODY III

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Costa Rican Industrial Black Metal band DUSK is proud to announce the release of their latest single, “RETHRENODY III”, from their upcoming album RETHRENODY, set to release internationally on May 5th. “RETHRENODY III”, which transports listeners to a post-apocalyptic cold dusty scenery, where Black Metal is combined with a cosmic void that is more inhospitable, nihilistic, and misanthropic, can be listened on Youtube:

An ATMOSPHERIC INDUSTRIAL BLACK METAL project formed as an official band in 2016 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

DUSK is known to incorporate Atmospheric Black Metal into Hard Bass Industrial, full of relenting uncaring pounding blast beats and inhuman growling vocals mixed with modern rhythms such as Darkstep and other electronic influences. The band shared stage with Samael in Costa Rica during their 2019 Latin American Tour.

Dusk: programming synthesizers and effects
Shaman: vocals
Implacable: guitar
Pàlak: bass

EKO (EP Released: September 30th, 2016)
EPOKA (LP Released: September 4th, 2018)
THRENODY (EP Released: September 16th, 2019)
THE HERMIT (LP (LP Released: January 1st, 2021)
THE RELIC (LP Released: April 1st, 2022)
RETHRENODY (LP Released: May 5th, 2023)


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