Interview with Two Face Sinner

Interview with Two Face Sinner

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Interview with Evil Mike and Numa Guitar and Vocals from the band Two Face Sinner

Give is a little History of the band and who is the Main Musical Creative Force or is it more a group Collaboration?

Everything started in 2006, I was writing a lot of stuff since 2004, once started the band, we spend 2 years until our debut in 2008, I write the songs fro the band, each member has it’s own role that is a complement in the end.

Do you guys practice to a click track or use one in the studio and where did you record?

We use the studio, for this album we recorded in one of the most recognized studios in Lima, the APDAYC studios and mixed and Mastered on INTI studios, the result has been more satisfactory than we expected.

Yes great Result for sure. How did the deal come about between the band and Non Serviam Records? Also are there any Future Touring plans?

We wanted this album go out under an international label, Ricardo (owner of the label) heard our stuff and after a couple of day we recieved his offer, the album came out in april, we definitely have plans for tours, once this pandemic passes out, mid-2021.

That’s great will you be writing new Material until then? And will this be the bands first Tour?

We are approaching this extra time we have due to the pandemic to write new stuff, this would be our first European tour for sure, we played in other countries of South America so far.

So you have played with a lot of South American bands. Who would you recommend the readers check out from The Killer South American Metal Scene? Also what bands do you guys like to listen to?

I would recommend Goat Semen from our country, or Anal Vomit, both of them have toured in Europe in the past 2 years.

Goat Semen are excellent… so on Writing your new Material for the next Record will it again be released via your current Label and what can people expect on the next one?

I hope so, you know there will be a period while we are done writing the new stuff also going to the studio and all the following process, I hope to that time we can keep counting with the support.

What areas of The World has the Response to your Art been the most Responsive? Where are the best Scenes for you guys?

In center América, countries like México and Costa Rica, in Europe, countries like United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy and Spain.
I think I could differentiate the scenes by its behavior, in south América, people are more “intense” but more close-minded when it comes to metal genres, meanwhile, in Europe, people can be less intense on his response but wiser and open-minded, I salute that.

That’s great! Do you still see a Strong Support of Printed Zines in this New Age of The Internet Fascination?

Definitely yes, the band it’s been receiving good feedback from part of printed zines in Europe, we feel more than thankful with all of them, having zines must be considered like having CDs, tapes or vinyls, must be part of the arsenal of a Metalhead.

A lot of people have different beliefs about what is really happening in the World Recently, what are your thought and beliefs about this Covid 19?

A lot of theories have been spread around this situation, I would not stand for any of them without the necessary evidence, what makes me happy is that mother nature is having its revenge after decades of damage to this planet, I think this purge is so necessary.

Are you also a fan of Other bands? What influences you the Most Musically?

I’m a true devote of the Riff, that’s why Black Sabbath is on my top among several classic rock bands and related to BM I would take influence for Bathory, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Dark Funeral and Marduk.

So out of your 3 Albums which one would you say is your favorite and why?

You know, for an artist, it’s work of art is like it’s child, you don’t have a more prefer child, but I must recognize that this new album has a special vibe because everything that we have done is pushed to its limits musically speaking.

Very cool… I know a lot of times fans are more particular to enjoying a lot of bands Debut the most. Do you also experience this from your fans?

Yes, like everyone, most fans feel very close to our 1st album that’s why we always include more than 3 songs on our live setlist.

Thanks for The Interview any last words or something you would like to let the readers know?

Thanks to you for the support, means a lot for us, and Hail to all the readers who are knowing the band from this interview, our new album is available in Europe now.

Hail Satan!

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