Review: Entorx “Faceless Insanity”

Review: Entorx “Faceless Insanity”

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The German band Entorx exists for ten years, and this spring the band has presented its second full-length album “Faceless Insanity”. During 7-year gap between the albums, the musicians sharpened their technical and compositional skills, making the album more mature and modern. They presented the solid death/thrash metal, but not without its own individuality.

“Faceless Insanity” is more progressive and complicated than its predecessor, and it sounds more contemporary, closer to modern death/groove metal (but without blending into metalcore), especially songs “PTSD” and “Paranoid Conspiracy”. There are some unexpected moments, like the southern passages with the clean vocals – “Morbid Rage” almost in country style, but “Doomed” has mysterious and dark aura. A couple of acoustic intros (“Overture: Condemnation” and “Isolation”) present more vividly and intensely the next compositions. The most atmospheric song is the last one “Death Machine” (which goes as bonus-track), but the tracks “Black Dawn” and “Doomed” are filled with broken guitar riffs, more appropriate to post-hardcore and mathcore bands, and although Entorx inserts into its music the progressive elements, that’s not enough to consider them as geometrically calculated mathcore band.

Rhythmically the album is divided into slow, middle and fast compositions. The slowest (and the longest) is “Doomed”, with a change of mood and the elements of other musical genres. But the fastest track “Black Dawn” in contrast with the calm acoustic introduction seems more aggressive. The choruses usually differ with their level of intensity and speed. Half of the vocal lines are performed in rich and furious screaming, but other half belongs to a deep and low growling, making the songs richer and more diverse. The guitar chords are mainly primitive (sometimes even minimalistic), however the solo parts (divided between guitarists Sascha Dörr and Bogdan Brygadin) increase the technical level of the entire album. But the key point of this record belongs to coherent melodiousness, making even the most brutish songs harmonious.

The death/thrash metal style nowadays isn’t a new thing, there are so many bands, playing this kind of music, like Darkane or Soilwork. Some went into wild experiments, taming the groove metal and metalcore, some added progressive elements, but Entorx successfully deals with both of these novelties, visibly improving the quality of the music.

Release date: May 29th, 2020

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