KAHFA Unveil Full Album Details for ‘Le poison et la reine’

KAHFA Unveil Full Album Details for ‘Le poison et la reine’

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Swiss fuzz heavy rockers KAHFA will release their new album, ‘Le poison et la reine,’ on July 26th, 2024, via Argonauta Records.

Band comment on the album: “This album is the result of a year and a half in the rehearsal room, of our need to express what is the continuation of the project born almost 4 years ago, and which led us to record a first EP which has a completely different sound from the new job.
It is the realization of our continuous search for a sound, a musical genre, the strength of a strong passion.
For us this first full-length is a motivation to move forward and compose music that changes according to our personal change and our vision of the world which is constantly developing.
Our aim is to convey to the listener that vital force that characterizes our concerts and our approach to life.

For you, people who will listen, this work that has no stopping point at all.”

Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows:
01. Alva
02. Le poison et la reine
03. Infernale torrefaction
05. Derniere sommation
06. Errance et dissidence
07. Ego trip
08. Le trip part III
09. Combat de chiens
10. Maredsous

In the heart of the picturesque landscapes of the Swiss Jura, an atypical musical duo is born, bringing a breath of fresh air into the music scene. KAHFA was born in Delémont in the summer of 2020, with a clear vision: to explore new musical dimensions.

In autumn 2021, they begin making their presence felt with the release of their first EP, “Sauvage”. Their melodies, both haunting and authentic, reflect the raw reality of everyday life and the sincere emotions that accompany it. With an incendiary groove and fuzz tones, their heavy, captivating music resonates against a backdrop of French lyrics, transporting the audience into a frenzied state.

Like a bolt of lightning, their music strikes with raw intensity and electrifying energy. Inspired by icons ranging from Black Sabbath to Noir Désir, KAHFA transcends genres, creating a sound that breaks codes and defies convention.

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