King Leviathan Thrash/Death metal band presentation + stream

King Leviathan Thrash/Death metal band presentation + stream

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Please introduce yourself.

We are King Leviathan. A four piece band from Brighton, UK that are obsessed with speed, violence and the occult.

When your band was created?

The band was first created in March 2014.

What the style do you play?

King Leviathan play Thrash/Death, with touches of Black, NWOBHM and Doom metal.

How could you describe your music by several words?

Sonic Violence, as decreed by the words of the old gods.

What is the main theme of your lyrics?

The occult, history, hypocrisy, fantasy, Religion, violence, pain and insanity.

What would you like to achieve with the band activity?

The band would like the cult to grow further across the planet, spreading the words of the old gods to the cleansed masses and infect them with our vile words of the Church of Leviathan!

How many gigs you have played so far and maybe you visit another countries with concerts?

So far we have performed 21 gigs across this year, but we have performed at Brighton’s Mammothfest supporting Savage Messiah and Martyr Defiled, a small 3 date tour across the UK, and have also supported Darkest Hour. Next year we shall be touring even further across the UK, as well as performing at Mammothfest 2015 with Onslaught, Feed The Rhino and Hang The Bastard. We wish to tour across Europe as soon as possible, but this will happen when the plague infects the many…

Is there anything very important about your band what SHOULD know fans and labels?

We are releasing a new EP in May, which is being produced by Paul Win-Stanley who has also recorded Sea Bastard, Core Of iO, The Bowery and Fifteen Litre. Also as stated above we are performing at Mammothfest 2015 alongside the headliners Onslaught as well as being managed by The Origin Agency by Rich Ravenhill.

What the formats you would like to see your releases, CD, Vinyl, Tape…? And how do you see future of physical releases?

We release our tracks via CD and Downloads, but we soon wish to expand to Vinyl.

When you will get label deal, would you like to help to the label with promotion from your side, or you want label do all without your help?

We wish to work alongside the label so that we can combine our efforts to help raise the cult to further members!

What’s your reaction towards negative opinions about your music?

If listeners do not enjoy our music, we are not troubled. Every man and woman has their opinion, and if we are not of it? It is not our claim to make.

And last question, how do you like our webzine, do you have some remarks towards its look or functionality?

The webzine is good! It is smooth to use, and we enjoy that you cover more than just popular artists!

King Leviathan are a four piece Death/Thrash band from Brighton.
Devout worshippers of Speed, Violence and The Occult, King Leviathan have spread madness from their inception, and in a scant few months of existence this insatiable four headed beast has already laid waste to venues across the UK, including having supported Darkest Hour, Savage Messiah, Meta Stasis, Martyr Defiled and many others.

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