KROSSFIRE “Shades Of Darkness” album details

KROSSFIRE “Shades Of Darkness” album details

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The release date of the KROSSFIRE album “Shades Of Darkness” on CD is June 03rd, 2016.

KROSSFIRE shows us a dozen new songs full of power and emotions. A small progressive influence and a light symphonic attitude is supported by high, but always fine vocals. A female voice is also added without affecting the whole impression of the music.

The choirs in “The last ride” may lead to a special direction, but KROSSFIRE would not be KROSSFIRE, if the power of the songs wasn’t strong enough during the whole album. Songs like “Destiny’s calling” comes like a tsunami and “Annabelle” tells a story from different angles. If you don’t feel trembling and increasing heat in your body now, you are definitely not a fan of Power or US-Metal.
“Shades of Darkness” is an album full of emotions – negative and positive ones. It brings dark themes and explores human nature’s deepest fears. However, through it’s dark clouds a bright light shines. We put a lot of efforts in bringing our ideas to life, not only when composing, but when recording as well. It was quite challenging making this album, but the final result is outstanding to us. This is big step forward for the band. We love what we do and we do it with passion. KROSSFIRE


1. The Ninth
2. The Last Ride
3. King Will Come
4. Destiny’s Calling
5. One More Time
6. Farewell
7. Fall From Grace
8. Annabelle
9. Glory To Heavens
10. Like A Shadow
11. Rule The Dark
12. Heaven Halls
Total Playing Time: 62:55 min

Dimo Petkov – vocals
Georgi Kushev – guitars
Peter Boshnakov – keyboards
Georgi Driev – bass
Spas Markov – drums
special guests:

Violeta Kusheva – female vocals on song 4, 5, 12
Vesela Sarvanska, Svetlana Vassileva, Krassimir Shopov, Georgi Sakadzhiyski – choir on song 2, 8, 12,
Daniela Djorova Waldhans – cello on song 6

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