Kvalvaag announces a new album

Kvalvaag announces a new album

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Norwegian symphonic black metal band, Kvalvaag, announced a new album for the next year, which will be out via Dusktone.

Kvalvaag stated : With the new album, we wanted to surpass ourselves in every possible way. Indeed, much more work, time and effort were put into this release, as well as better equipment was used compared to our earlier works. 
The Kvalvaag atmosphere remains more or less the same, but there is a lot more going on at all times : It`s more aggressive, but at the same time more different and unpredictable than our previous albums. We finally had the chance to give the album the production it deserved, and beign able to work with the producer Tom Kvalsonic was truely awesome. He is the man behind many of the albums we grew up with, and he totally understood our vision, raising the overall album quality a lot. We had to evolve a lot as musicians to be able to perform our parts during the recordings. It’s been an educational journey with a lot of hard work and technical challenges in the studio, but I am really satisfied with the result and our musical progression.

The full-lenght, Malum, was written and partially recorded between summer of 2016 and spring 2017 at Kvalvaag Studios by Kvalvaag himself.
Drums were recorded at Studio Hemstad, while vocals were recorded at Kvalsonic Lab.
Guitars, bass, synth and vocals were performed by Kvalvaag (Astaroth, Valgaldr, Attentat), drums by Telal (Troll, Astaroth, Sarpedon) and additional clean vocals by Rammr (Ragnarok, Elvarhøi).

More details of the new album to be revealed soon!





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