Review: FORCEPS “Mastering Extinction”

Review: FORCEPS “Mastering Extinction”

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FORCEPS “Mastering Extinction”
Black Legion Productions / Sevared Records

Well, frankly I was thinking long time what I should write after band’s name and if I generally should write anything about ‘Mastering Extinction’. I’m on the scene since beginning of 90’s and I never before got 2 songs to review 10 songs’ long album! I have no idea whose idea it was, but it makes extremely huge hindrance for anybody who wants write few words about stuff. This is like expecting description of some paint (even very well-known) and its artistic value from somebody who see its small fragment.

Good that I got at least whole press kit and not its fragment, too! FORCEPS was formed in 2006 in really huge city where take place the famous Brazilian carnival. But there’re thousands of people who prefer mosh than samba and that’s why Metal number of bands and so on is huge there. It should connote with names like COLDBLOOD, UNEARTHLY or living legend of the scene: DORSAL ATLANTICA. Anyhow, band which I’m writing at the moment about has in its collection two demos (one is called EP, but it takes more than 20 minutes and is on CD) and single ‘Transdifferentiated Nano-calls’ which promoted following full-length. And I just have this and one more song – in order 2nd and 1st ones which’re enclosed on ‘Mastering Extinction’.

This is definitely Death Metal what we have to do here with. Guys play mostly in middle tempo, but there happen speed-ups. They take place not too often, but also aren’t rarely, if you know what I mean. Well, frankly everything here’s just like it should be. Riffs are broken, brutal and technically advanced as well; drumming is massive and variable as well; bass is pulsing nicely from time to time. So Bruno Tavares, Emmanuel Ivan and Thiago Souza do great job here! The same I can say about the only original member of FORCEPS – Doug Murdoch. His growling is deep and gives to whole extra dose of brutality. He uses it not all the time in identical way, of course.

To sun up, this is surely an album which everyone who likes Death Metal should have. I suppose that rest of songs is on the same high level and you’ll be very satisfied that you have ‘Mastering Extinction’ in your collection.

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Score 87%
87 %
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