LITA FORD “Time Capsule” review (by Diona)

LITA FORD “Time Capsule” review (by Diona)

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LITA FORD “Time Capsule”
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You can take the girl out of the girls-band, but you can’t take the girls-band out of the girl. ‘Coz not all of the girls can into rock. Unfortunately, Lita Ford is not the exception. You can’t believe her. You can’t believe neither her music, nor her voice, nor her lyrics. You do believe Ozzy, you surely believe Deep Purple, you can even believe Metallica. You believe in every single their word, every single sound, every single note. But you do not believe Lita Ford. Let me walk you through this point by point.

Lita Ford is a renowned rock-singer, a holder of numerous awards and is widely known for her collaboration with the Mighty and the One Ozzy Osbourne in “If I close my eyes forever”. Actually, that is all what Lita Ford is. Return we to our subject.

The album called Time Capsule is released on April 15th. A number of quite known people were involved in the creation of one intro and ten tracks (most of which are just the reperformed 20 year old songs). In particular, the singer Jeff Scott Soto, known for his collaboration with Yngwie Malmsteen, and the drummer Rodger Carter, who worked with Eddie Mani. Moreover, the bass guitar was given to Haim Vitz (more known under the name of Gene Simmons) for one track. Lita Ford herself is playing the guitar besides the vocals. One more notable thing about this album is the fact, that a small scene of a drunk redneck coming home featured Chris Holmes from W.A.S.P. It would seem that such a group of great musicians could have created something truly interesting and worth listening. But no.

The album appears to be boring and fairly monotonous. The only things which are pretty stark in the whole album are the long and vague intro and the cover-version of “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix. The intro tells a story of how a neglectful daughter of the noticed above redneck has snatched her father’s beloved ford (according to the sound, it might have been something like the old mustang) and drove away (apparently, looking for the better life and rock music). At the same time the cover is just dull. Numerous engaging and bizarre covers to Jimmy Hendrix have been created throughout the years, but this one is mediocre. A snotty teenager with a plywood guitar may sound richer and, which is more important, heartfelt. Well, maybe the Lita’s cover sounds so unremarkable only because you’re expecting much more than just playing the notes from such a great gang of great musicians.

From the good point of view, the unquestioning mastery of the performance must be noticed. The music might be faceless, boring and repetitive, but it has surely been played by the professionals. The structure and the vocals do meet the rules of rock music, while Lita Ford’s singing is certainly matching the heights and the rhythm. She is not screaming or wheezing and does not even squeak. In general, Lita sounds quite good. Although, she looks much more attractive than she sounds. But, again, this perception might be subjective, since any exceedingly nice girl with a mane of blond hair will be looking attractive in a leather motorcycle jacket with shiny rivets . Especially, when this girl is holding a guitar. The same way any fragile female creature will look breathtakingly when driving a huge and brutal Harley. So, maybe Lita is not that good as the overall look is.

Putting all things together, the album sounds naive the same way any girls’ attempts to sing rock and heavy metal sounded naive and unnatural back in 80s. It turns even worse if you pay attention to the lyrics (“She runs through the streets so desperately young. Her eyes aflame and her mind undone” in “War of the angels”, which, by the way, is a track from the album Black of the year 1995 as most of the tracks from the new album by Lita). From the musical point of view, the tracks does not represent neither an interesting structure, nor a catchy performance. It’s just an ordinary simple rock. Actually, that would have been totally ok if only not the group of starry musicians and the attempt to sell an old record wrapped in the new paper. The only thing which sounds true in “Time Capsule” is the album’s title. It definitely is a time capsule.


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