Magick Touch “Electrick Sorcery” review (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Magick Touch “Electrick Sorcery” review (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Magick Touch

Magick Touch “Electrick Sorcery”
Edged Circle Productions

Here’s huge surprise for all who think by superstition which says that in Norway there’re only Black Metal bands! MAGICK TOUCH comes from the second-largest city of this country which is also one of the oldest ones. City is called “the fjord city” or “city of seven mountains” and there’s reining very often. What doesn’t disturb the fact that there’re many interesting things to see for everyone. And quite a lot of people come here as tourists as well.

But let’s leave indubitable tourist, sport… advantages of Bergen. This city has also, and for us first of all, big music scene and legendary, at least for me, Death Metal band came from there. This band was caked OLD FUNERAL. However, there’re still bands of all kinds of METAL which we only can imagine. Well, I didn’t find any information about history and so on of MAGICK TOUCH. The only two things which I’m sure about are that our heroes describe their music as Hard Rock and that they’re three in the band.

I have no idea if “Electrick…” is their first release or not, if they played in some bands earlier… Well, from pics which I see and instrument control I deduce that M.T. isn’t their first band and they play since really many years. Music in and of itself is nothing cutting-edge. It’s just as classical as it can only be Hard Rock. We could even say that it’s typical. But in my opinion these epithets absolutely aren’t something pejorative here. Contrary – they’re compliments! We have here only guitar, bass and drums (+ vocal of course). So we can’t expect some expanded symphonies or something like that. Songs are rather easy what DOESN’T MEAN “primitive”! The fact is that we have with rather middle, even very middle tempos to do here. But if somebody thinks that nothing interesting happens during these 10 songs than she/he’s wrong, very wrong!

As it happens in Hard Rock guitar here is a very important instrument. It plays melodious riffs. But in the same time they’re aggressive in some way and diversified as well.  The same we can say about vocal. That’s of course clean that it’s clean one, but there’s also this “something” in that! Something what makes you wild, something what don’t let you stay indifferent. There’re of course some solos when it’s necessary. Drummer makes his job also on very high level and in the way like he should do it in Hard Rock band.

All this make this music very energetic or even “electrick” and interesting. YEAH, that’s right that I’m maybe not the biggest fan of this kind of music on the world, but… From other side it reminds me my teenage years. Anyway, I like this and I’m sure that I’ll back to this album!

Magick Touch2

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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