Mindwars “Sworn To Secrecy” Studio Vlog #3 posted on-line

Mindwars “Sworn To Secrecy” Studio Vlog #3 posted on-line

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Mindwars and legendary metal producer Bill Metoyer are teaming up to mix and master their second release “Sworn to Secrecy”, slated to hit the streets April 2016 through Punishment 18 Records. You can see a brand new videolog about it below. Bill Metoyer who has worked with such greats as Agent steel, Armored Saint, COC, DRI, Dark Angel, Fates Warning, Flotsam And Jetsam, Sacred Reich, Slayer, WASP and many more… handled mixing and mastering duties at his Skull Seven Studio in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. Furthermore, the album has been recorded between Los Angeles and Turin. Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peaks in the coming weeks.



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