Murder Made God “Involuntary Servitude” exclusive stream

Murder Made God “Involuntary Servitude” exclusive stream

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Comatose Music has announced the April 15 release of Enslaved from Greek Brutal Death Metal group MURDER MADE GOD.

Pre-order HERE.

Formerly known as HUMAN REJECTION, MURDER MADE GOD had a busy 2015 writing new material for the follow-up to highly acclaimed 2013 debut album Irreverence.

Enslaved is a technical cyclone of raging brutality with excessive speed and contagious grooves. The band is heavily influenced by bands like DECAPITATED, ORIGIN and DYING FETUS.

MURDER MADE GOD guitarist Dennis adds, “We are more than happy to announce that we are officially signed to the mighty Comatose Music. We feel proud to be part of such a great roster and have the chance to release our music under this label. Enslaved is non-stop brutality and we are excited for everyone to experience this crushing chaos.”

Track List:
1. Victims
2. Enslaved
3. The Titan, the Fighter and the Thief
4. A Morbid Institution
5. Depression
6. Assassinés!
7. The Irony of Faith
8. Subject 666
9. Urban Warfare
10. Involuntary Servitude

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