Music: BLAZE OF PERDITION stream new album “Conscious Darkness”

Music: BLAZE OF PERDITION stream new album “Conscious Darkness”

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Polish black metallers BLAZE OF PERDITION are streming their new album “Conscious Darkness” ahead of its November 3rd release on Agonia Records. The release will be followed by a European tour with New Zealand’s Ulcerate on November 7th and mini-tour with Ars Veneficium on November 24th. Listen to the band’s new album early here:

Literally and lyrically, BLAZE OF PERDITION’s “Concious Darkness” crowns a decade of romancing darkness and death. The Polish-based band made a long way since 2007, growing through adversity and maturing over the course of three studio albums. In 2013, on tour in Austria, a tragic road accident took the life of bassist Ikaroz and left vocalist S. and drummer Vizun severely injured. Through a loss of a friend and a near-death experience, the band found strength to let the feelings deepen into music and record new albums.

The latest offering “Conscious Darkness” cuts through various emanations of black metal, and reaches a core broad in its spectrum. Melody, atmosphere and avant-garde elements are laid on a foundation of more traditional black metal. Together they reflect BLAZE OF PERDITION’s creative, yet methodical approach.

The recordings of “Conscious Darkness” were completed this June, with final mixes and mastering done at Satanic Audio (Azarath, Thaw) and cover artwork drawn by Karmazid. Layout was prepared by Kontamination Design, while I fot. aleksandra burska shot new band photos. The successor to “Near Death Revelatons” (2015) will feature four new songs with a playing time of 43 minutes.

1. A Glimpse of God
2. Ashes Remain
3. Weight of the Shadow
4. Detachment Brings Serenity

– Digipak CD
– Gatefold LP (black, white, picture LP)
– T-shirts (black & white)
– Black zip-up hoodie

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