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nightshock (Копировать)

Iron Shield Records

Nostalgia for the primitive, raw, pure heavy metal of the 80’s? Nightshock is what you need. The trio from Florence, formed by the Bellia siblings (Lorenzo guitars and vocals, Giulia bass) and Simone Perchiazzi on drums, released this self-entitled debut in 2015, under the small German label Iron Shield Records.

It’s a great first work for this three guys totally in love with Motörhead, Venom – for naming the most famous – but also with cult bans like the Swedish Gehennah and the Italian Bulldozer. For sure you won’t find nothing of original or new in ‘Nightshock’, but this was not absolutely the goal of the band.

Their will was only to play a little of good old heavy-speed-thrash-proto black metal in the 80’s style, with that ‘street’, dirty attitude that is the real origin of heavy metal.

Nine songs (seven really, plus intro and outro), of a very good quality, with an inspired and never boring guitar riffing, supported by a solid rhythmic part that enhance the nice job from the bass of Giulia. The vocal lines are for sure one of the strong point of the album: rusty, strong but very expressive and never static, the voice of Lorenzo can also engage you in the catchy refrains of ‘Black Demise’, ‘Faith and Dishonor’ (the best track) and ‘Roots of the End’.
The screenwriting is various, with slow and fast parts, avoiding the impression of listening always the same song that usually afflicts the album of this genre.

Positive also the production, that sounds like the right balance of ‘vintage’ and modern.

So, raise a glass of beer, wear your leather jacket, bang your head, and listen to Nigthshock. You won’t regret.

83/100                                                                                                                                     (c) Dan Ross

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