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noisem (Копировать) Noisem “Blossoming Decay”
A389 Recordings

Ooooh my poor heart…another band with an insane release. Man this year just keeps getting more and more interesting with the releases of extreme albums. I mean just when you thought you heard the sickest record of the year, comes another release that will completely rip you to pieces. Noisem is a young death/thrash band from Baltimore, Maryland and “Blossoming Decay” is their second release. The best way to describe “Blossoming Decay” is; fast, angry, uncontrollable and you can really feel while listening to this record that these guys are young and ravenous to devastate everything and everyone that stands in their way. These guys waste no time to grab you by the throat as soon as you press play and the first song “Trail of Perturbation” begins. I found it really cool that there is a moment of tranquility that begins towards the end of the song “Hostile End – Hollow Life” and continues in the next song “Cascade of Scars” for about a minute until they lose control and continue with the carnage for the rest of the album. While listening to this record I get the feeling that these guys woke up one day with nothing to do and called each other to meet in the studio with no plans or preparations with one goal in mind: TO MAKE A TOTALLY INSANE ALBUM!!! The drumming is out of control, the guitars are crazy with riffs and solos flying everywhere, the bass is heavy and the vocals are just crazy. The artwork is really nice and I love how the artwork is printed on my digipak copy. I am going to be honest; I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THIS RECORD!!! Check them out if you haven’t already.


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