Noxium Ferus Releases New Song ”Phallic Pride”

Noxium Ferus Releases New Song ”Phallic Pride”

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Norwegian extreme metal act, Noxium Ferus, released the first video for ”Phallic Pride”, song taken from the band’s upcoming new album.

The Norwegians recorded 7 new songs which soon are ready to be mixed.

Noxium Ferus is a band born out of beer, as Espen Dyngen made a half-drunk attempt to improvise some growling to Steinar Aven’s music projects. It all turned out surprisingly well, against all expectations (especially Espen Dyngen’s own) , and Steinar Aven managed to persuade Espen to start dedicating himself to this newly discovered vocal talent. In a short time,efforts were rewarded, and Espen managed to add vocals to several of Steinar’s already recorded instrumental tracks. The  songs are mostly old recordings that Steinar had lying around for years, not having been used for any of his many other projects. So new life was given to old songs, and Noxium Ferus was born.

Steinar Aven is active in several other bands, like Chinbjer (blackmetal), Aventyr (hard rock), Steinras (black metal), Amazing assholes (hard rock), and more. So he is a busy guy.
Espen Viking Dyngen has been a part of the old Norwegian Black Metal scene since the early 90’s, but never as a musician until now. In the early days he was manager and promoter of Trelldom, and he also wrote lyrics and poems that were used by many bands. His lyrics can be found on albums by Forgotten Woods, Behemoth, Ragnarok, Deathcult and Belphegor. He is currently working with Belphegor on their next release, and contributed to most of the songs on their last Totenritual album. He also designed Helmuth’s (Belphegor) infamous micstand and blasphemic new sigil. Espen also makes all designs, photo and video releases for Noxium Ferus.  Arne Gandrud, the drummer, is a powerful blasting machine who also provides beats for several other bands, like Arvas (black metal), Chinbjer, and some of Steinar Aven’s other projects.  Noxium Ferus lyrics and concept is all done by Espen, incorporating both old unused poems, and newly written materiale. All music is written by Steinar Aven.

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