Occult Stoner Doomsters KING POTENAZ reveal full album details and share new single “Pazuzu (3:33) ft. Sibilla”

Occult Stoner Doomsters KING POTENAZ reveal full album details and share new single “Pazuzu (3:33) ft. Sibilla”

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King Potenaz band, Fasano (BR), Italy
Photo by Studio Figure

Born out of a series of jam sessions in 2019 in Fasano (Italy), KING POTENAZ began to write their own music by drawing heavily on the work of doom/stoner bands like Sleep, Electric Wizard, Kyuss, Monster Magnet and, of course, Black Sabbath.

After a change on drums, the lineup solidifies into the current power trio formed by Giuseppe (guitar and vocals), Francesco (bass guitar) and Piero (drums and synths).

Longtime friends and musicians, they are active in the local heavy/underground scene since the 90s:
Giuseppe and Francesco initiated several black/doom/drone projects such as Helvete, Moriendoom and Rius de la Mort, whereas Piero played drums in punk/hardcore bands No Exit and Erpice and produced two electronic solo albums as PRNX.

In 2022 King Potenaz launched “Among The Ruins” and “Pyramids Planet” [demo versions].

Today the band announces their new single “Pazuzu (3:33)” featuring guest vocals by Sibilla, give ear:

The song is taken from their forthcoming album GOAT RIDER, out April 28th, 2023 via ARGONAUTA Records, with preorders just started here:

“We are proud and excited to announce our debut album release on Argonauta Records.”


“We started writing songs a bit for fun and driven by the spirit of doom and stoner running through our veins since we were kids … the desire to share with everyone that spirit, turned into a whole album… eight tracks of dirty and fuzzy heavy doom / stoner!”

Among The Ruins
Pyramids Planet
Goat Rider
Pazuzu (3:33) ft. Sibilla
Cosmic Voyagers
Moriendoom (La Ballata Di Ippolita Oderisi)
Dancing Plague


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